Your search for a 1ShoppingCart alternative has just ended!

If you're looking for a shopping cart alternative that's more than just a “shopping cart”, then you're going to love the CloudNet360 “all in one” small business automation system.

Why CloudNet360 VS 1ShoppingCart?

It's simple really. While 1Shoppingcart jumped off to a commanding market share lead 15 years ago as an originator, CloudNet360 did not waste a minute erasing this 5-year head start and then passing them by years ago.

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While 1Shoppingcart was resting on their laurels, we were stomping down hard on the innovation accelerator and have kept the "pedal to the metal" ever since 2006.

Made By Online Marketers... For Online Marketers.

Started by marketers, and driven by talented programming intensity, CloudNet360 has out innovated, and out "featured " all of our competitors combined – there truly is nothing else like it available today.

1Shoppingcart has either not had the capability, or the will, to keep up with the rate of improvement and system integration necessary to remain on equal footing with CloudNet360 in this competitive market.

Powerful yes... but easy to set up and easy to use!

Making software powerful is actually easy, but making powerful software easy is quite difficult.

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You do not have the time or inclination to become a "tech geek ", so you need a marketing system that lets you actually market your products without a long learning curve.

And this is where the "average " user will find CloudNet360 clearly leading the field because we know that features that are not easy to use with "point- &-click " simplicity are not really features worth having.

In fact, we believe features that are hard to use are really features that do not exist.

Just look at what's "out of the box" included.

  • CRM / Auto Responder System – Total automation and powerful list segmentation.
  • Scheduling / Billing System – Right from the coaches and consultants wish list.
  • Shopping Cart / Customer Portal – Untouchable in performance and up selling capability. An amazing conversion sales tool.
  • Mobile Apps – A full suite of "business anywhere" power tools.
  • Affiliate System – Powerful sales leverage that works online or offline (proprietary technology).
  • Free Website Included – Or use your website, or both... the choice is yours.
  • Membership System – No need for 3rd party software because it's all included.
  • Project Manager – Run your internal operation with ease and efficiency.
  • Ticket Support System – Reduce your support load and look more professional at the same time.
  • Live Chat – A proven lead generation tool.
  • Click to Call – The "sleeper" sales conversion champion of Internet marketing.

... there's plenty more but I think you're getting the idea by now.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

While it is true that each of these modules gives you an incredible marketing edge on their own, it is even better when you discover they are all integrated and "talking" to each other!

Talk about magnifying the power and versatility of the entire system, which is something that no "bolt together" system of 3rd party software will ever provide for you.

If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

CloudNet360 has nothing against 3rd party software, it is just a simple fact that if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself.

We built the software, we integrated the software, and we continuously improve the software to ensure you always have the latest revenue enhancing software at your fingertips.

You can't do this if you do not "own" the code and control the development.

... and you can't build a revenue boosting system like this if you do not have an online and offline sales and marketing expertise like we have developed over years of successful business and sales success.

Let's compare apples to apples.

Even if you thought you could "bolt together" a system as powerful as our fully integrated solution, you still need to look at the total cost of the system. Looking beyond the steep learning curve of multiple programs, and the inconvenience of multiple logins – what do you think the "out of pocket" costs will be?

The short answer is "it will cost you plenty" !

Let's take a quick look at the true cost to try and make 1Shoppingcart a viable alternative to CloudNet360.

Not only will you need to spend more up front, but your ongoing monthly fees will be higher... and you still won't have everything that's "in the box" with CloudNet360:

FREE Website / Storefront
see problems
Shopping Cart
see problems
Transaction Fee
Zero (FREE)
1.25% to .75%
$75 - Based Upon $10K Sales
Recurring Billing Fee
$62.5 - For 250 Recurring Orders
Upsell System
see problems
$99/mo. for 3 or more upsell funnels
Digital Downloads
Affiliate System
see problems
Membership System
Wishlist + $297
Ticket System
ZenDesk + $58/mo.
Click to Call
*1SC uses CTC but does not offer it
Suggest a Feature
Bug Spotter
Staff Login
Auto Responder / CRM
see problems
*Impossible to calculate the lost sales
Project Manager
BaseCamp + $50/mo.
Live Chat
Bold Chat - 2 Users + $17/mo.
Customer Portal
see problems
SMS / Texting
Mobile Apps
Abandoned Cart Saver
Google Calendar Integr.
Offline Affiliate Mkting.
Scheduling System
TimeTrader - 5 Users + $41/mo.
Setup Fee
Technical Support
eBusiness Advisor
1/2 Hour
+ $34/mo.
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$6,144 is a lot of money you could be using towards advertising instead of spending it on software.

This comparison does not include features such as Click to Call, Suggest a Feature, etc. While these are powerful tools to have, as well as included with every Platinum CloudNet360 account, they are admittedly less common to use versus the standard items most businesses use and pay for each month.

An Annual plan will bring your costs down even further to $1,999 so you could save even more versus 1ShoppingCart i.e. $6,533

We all know the old saying, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". Unfortunately for the 1Shoppingcart sales people, this is about their only defense when faced with a 1Shoppingcart versus CloudNet360 comparison.

But sign up for a trial right now and discover the truth for yourself.

You're going to be amazed at everything you get with CloudNet360 and even more amazed when you see what it does to your sales revenue.

This is not some stripped down demo version for you to play with and waste your time.

We're so confident that you're going to love CloudNet360 that we're willing to give you a full blown, fully functioning account to test drive for less than you spent on your Starbucks Latte this morning… and we'll even include an e-Business Advisor to help you along for FREE.

No games, no gimmicks, no contracts and certainly no cancellation fees – ever!

We will treat you with honesty and integrity from the beginning, just as we do with all our customers, and that means being honest with our set up fees (none) and monthly fees from day 1.

You have nothing to lose so give it a try today! I guarantee that you will love running your business every day when you see how easy and powerful sales automation can truly be.


Tom Reed
VP Product and Sales Development

P.S. It would dishonest to claim that 1Shoppingcart couldn't work for you but why in the world would you ever want to pay more and get less? It's simply not logical!

Try the only true "all in one" small business automation system today and discover what thousands of other businesses learned before you.