#1 Sales Secret

Selling effectively is simple once you know the secret. The good news is that the “secret” is really not a “secret” at all!

Just listen to what Tim Stewart has to say about selling and then make sure you follow his advice.


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Make More Profit with Easy to Create Membership Sites

membership Sites

Everyone agrees that a membership site is a great business model, but having 2, or 3, or even more membership sites, can double or triple the revenue you’re able to pull in.

Having the ability to easily re-purpose content, re-brand a membership

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Mpro-V2 Membership Site is **LIVE**

Yesterday I said I would tell you about a great new product release and today it’s official.

Our built-in membership system has been upgraded to the new and improved Mpro-V2 and it’s live in your account as we speak.

But don’t worry… we kept

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Exciting New Product Update Tomorrow

First I want to apologize on behalf of the entire sales organization for doing such an effective “disappearing act”.

There’s a good reason for our noticeable lack of product update notices and blog updates <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/twisted-tale-soccer-business-startup-gary-jezorski?trk=mp-author-card

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An Effective Sales Funnel is Not A “One Size Fits All” Model

Sales Funnel - Cloudnet360
It has to reflect the uniqueness of one’s industry and most importantly express one’s business identity.

As an entrepreneur, what you need is a CRM sales funnel that automates what you are already doing. You do not need to have someone

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Quick Start Guide Launches for CloudNet360 Setup

Getting started with CloudNet360 and using its full suite of tools to Sell More…Faster just got even easier with the launch of the first in a series of Quick-Start guides.

Marty Dickinson author of CloudNet360 Quick Start GuideMy name is Marty Dickinson. I am not a CloudNet360 employee. I have

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New – Ticket System Upgrade

Ticket Header-V2

A few of you have noticed,most of you have not… and that’s a good thing!

When very few people notice that we recently switched from our old ticket system to a brand new ticket system, we don’t worry about the fact a solid year+ of hard

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“Dog Days” Way to Increase Sales Today

37974594 - golden retriever dog relaxing, resting,or sleeping at the beach, under the bright sun

The “dog days” of summer used to refer to the high heat and lethargy that resulted from not being able to do much outside other than try to stay cool.

For internet marketers, the “dog days of summer” takes on a new meaning because of the

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Back to Our Roots

Last 5 Tasks Image

Whew! We’ve come a really loooooonnng way and we’re down to the last 5 tasks before launching.

1,643 individual tasks and 248 files… just a small project we did “on the side” as a special interest / marketing project to highlight

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Coupons – Product Specific for Maximum Conversions

Coupons are great for promoting sales and incentives but having the coupon code field on your order page when there is no coupon available is a proven way to lower your conversion rate.

The problem with showing a coupon code field is that it makes people

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