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Infusionsoft vs CloudNet360 – Affiliate Program Comparison

In this Infusionsoft vs CloudNet360 comparison video, I will show you why infusionsoft is very confusing while trying to set up your affiliate campaign or program. And on the contrary, you will find CloudNet360 platform is very easy to navigate and set up your affiliate campaign.

One more reason why our philosophy of making a user-friendly, easy to navigate and simple yet complete business automation software made CloudNet360 the Best Small Business Automation available in the market.

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SamCart Review

This SamCart review video is quick, directly to the point, and shows you exactly why using SamCart as your online shopping cart for your small business is going to cost you a lot more than meets the eye.

For starters, the SamCart price is not the “full price”… Nope, the SamCart price is a “portion” of the price you’ll pay to use SamCart because SamCart is only a portion of the full solution needed to run a bare minimum online business.

SamCart is dependent upon you purchasing another 3rd party service and then connecting SamCart to this service via API in order to perform the most basic functions of ecommerce.

This “frankenstein” model used to be the rage, but so were bell bottoms and bouffant hair back in the 60’s and 70’s. Today, a modern shopping cart needs to have everything built-in, already integrated and ready to go on day 1.

If you’d like to see what a truly modern, self contained and fully automated system looks like today, then take a 30-day trial and learn how CloudNet360 helps you sell more… faster!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Automated W9 Management

We’ve all heard the old saying, “there are only 2 things guaranteed in life – Death & Taxes”.

But as a business owner, you know 1st hand that paying your taxes is only the tip of the tax burden iceberg because you also need to comply with a labyrinth of additional form filings and regulations.

It’s those sneaky “hidden costs” of IRS compliance that can really add up in both time and money (especially when you screw something up).

And one of the biggest headaches online merchants suffer with is the W9 management and ensuring that every affiliate you pay has an up-to-date W9 completed and on file. Making a mistake here can be extremely expensive as you’re responsible for paying the taxes for your affiliates if you don’t manage this correctly.

But you know, at CloudNet360, we’re not the type to leave our merchants hanging and let them suffer with the difficult management burden without coming up with an ingenious solution that allows you to remove this hassle from your “to do” list.

Here’s how we solved this problem for you.

1. Affiliate Signup – We allow your affiliates to sign up and start selling your products without hassling them for a W9. After all, the more obstacles you place in front of an affiliate, the less likely they are to actually sell for you.

2. Affiliate Sales Success – Once your affiliate successfully sells your product, and you now owe them commission, they will receive a W9 request message every time they log into their affiliate account.This message will inform them that they have money waiting to be paid to them so they are now very motivated to get that W9 into your hands.

The message also provides them with explicit instructions on how you want the W9 delivered along with a “quick link” to the W9 form (we make it as foolproof as possible to ensure this gets done).

3. Submission Completion – Once the W9 is safely in your hands, you can click a check box for that affiliate and tell PWC that you have the completed form. This will stop the message from appearing in their account.

4. Affiliate Payment – When paying your affiliates using our “Affiliate Easy Pay” system, you have the option of only paying affiliates with W9 forms on file (highly recommended).

Now you have your affiliate W9 management system covered from sign up to commission payment …could it get any easier or well thought out than this? An easy online shopping cart doesn’t have to be a “basic shopping cart” and you don’t need to settle when you can use a More than a cart, it’s a complete marketing solution.

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1st Tier & 2nd Tier – Affiliate Software Tutorial

It seems like everyone has heard of a 2nd tier affiliate but most folks really struggle to understand the difference between a 1st tier affiliate and a 2nd tier affiliate.

And even the folks that know the difference still seem to struggle with understanding how a 2nd tier affiliate is created and when they get paid.

This short video explains in detail how affiliate software creates affiliates and how the different affiliates are paid.

I guarantee that after watching this video, you’ll never struggle again… but if you do, just watch the video again later icon wink 1st Tier & 2nd Tier Affiliate Software Tutorial .

And if there’s anything else you find confusing about affiliate systems and affiliate software, just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer all your questions.

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W9 Automation for Easy Affiliate Management

The best affiliate software makes running your business easier which naturally makes your life easier. We all know there’s absolutely nothing more stressful in business than opening the mail box and seeing one of those IRS envelopes staring back at you.

Even when it’s simple correspondence, your heart still skips a beat or two and your pulse races while you open the letter to see what’s inside. And the very last thing you want to see is an IRS audit notice because you failed to submit all the necessary W9 documentation for the affiliates you’ve paid throughout the year.

If you’ve ever gone through the “end of the year W9 shuffle”, then you know how impossible it can be to chase down affiliates that may have little to no motivation to take the time to provide you with the W9 information after they’ve already been paid and now you’re on the hook to pay the taxes for the affiliate. They have the money but you’re still responsible for the taxes… it may not seem “fair” but that’s how the IRS works.

This is a serious problem that you never want to face.

Fortunately, the CloudNet360 affiliate software has the best method for ensuring that all your affiliates that need to submit a W9 already have one on file with you before you make the affiliate payments to them.

The whole process is automated, it’s essentially “hands free” because the affiliate software does all the work for you, and it’s set up in a way that never intrudes on the new affiliate until after they’ve made sales and earned affiliate commissions.

The entire Affiliate W9 process has been thought out and refined from beginning to end to make your affiliate sales process as successful as possible. The only thing you need to do is sit back and watch your army of motivated affiliates sell your products.

If you think this type of hands free sales automation will help you sell more… faster, then take a risk free, no obligation, no contract, test drive today – it’s really easy and it comes with your own e-Business Advisor.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Private Affiliate Programs – Integrated Affiliate Software

The best affiliate software needs to be able to do three major things for you in order to have a successful online business:

1. Accurately track your online affiliate sales – Most affiliate software will do this for you.

2. Accurately track your offline sales – Yes, this is definitely possible with the right affiliate software!

3. Accommodate and attract the top affiliates – 90% or more of your affiliate sals will come from 2% or less of your affiliates.

Certainly, there are many other things good affiliate tracking software needs to do but these are the 3 main items and all the other items fall under 1 of these 3 categories.

What the Private Affiliate Programs will do for you is to allow you to manage your “run of the mill affiliates” one way while managing your “super star affiliates” another way. Having this ability is really the only way that you’re going to attract and retain the top super-affiliates that are critical to the continued success of your small business… or, your large business. There really is no other way.

This thinking and special treatment is no different than what the top selling salespeople receive from a traditional business today and have always received in the past. Whether it’s a bigger company car, corner office, special assistant, or oversized bonuses, the best sales people are always treated in a special way that the common sales foot soldiers never receive.

The CloudNet360 Private Affiliates Programs is just one tool that you’ll have at your fingertips in order to treat your most valuable affiliates in a special way.

Helping you sell more… faster, it’s what we do and what you should expect from a company and from your affiliate software. Take it for a test drive today and feel the power for yourself.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Learn How an e-Business Advisor Will Transform Your Business

Having an e-Business Advisor is like having a trusted friend working by your side pushing the success of your online business forward each and every day. And like a loyal friend, you’ll be able to call your e-Business Advisor directly any time you need a helping hand or a bit of advice to increase your sales day after day and week after week.

This level of customer consulting and customer support would be considered “extreme” by our competitors but we believe it’s good business for you and in turn good business for us. Because the only way a customer remains a long term customer is when they’re a profitable customer.

The mission of your e-Business Advisor will be maximizing your sales and profits so you stick around for a really, long, long time!

Check out the e-Business Advisor video to learn what they can do for you today!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Maximizing Your Affiliate Sales

You know your product better than anyone. You know why people buy, or don’t buy, your product better than anyone.

So why do so many product owners fail to train their affiliates to sell their products so the affiliates, and the product owners, can sell even more?

If you’ve been asking this question yourself, or maybe you already know you need to provide better affiliate sales training, then you’re definitely going to love this powerful affiliate training “hack” being taught in this video.

But here’s the thing… you’ve never seen this trick before because there’s no other system like CloudNet360 that can do this trick.

And after you watch this affiliate training “hack” video, you might, just maybe, chuckle out loud, just a little bit, when you see how simply reliable this will work to improve your affiliate sales.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Double Your Sales With Offline Affiliate Marketing

Why limit your affiliate marketing to your online presence when there are so many offline sales opportunities?

The trouble, of course, is that your affiliates will not put any effort into selling offline when they know they won’t receive any sales commission. But with the CloudNet360 exclusive affiliate software, your affiliate will be just as motivated to sell your products offline as they do online.

Will this double your sales? Well, it doubles your presence and market opportunities so it may just double your sales or it might do even more.

Watch the video to discover how easily you can double or even triple your sales with offline affiliate marketing software.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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