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Automated W9 Management

We’ve all heard the old saying, “there are only 2 things guaranteed in life – Death & Taxes”.

But as a business owner, you know 1st hand that paying your taxes is only the tip of the tax burden iceberg because you also need to comply with a labyrinth of additional form filings and regulations.

It’s those sneaky “hidden costs” of IRS compliance that can really add up in both time and money (especially when you screw something up).

And one of the biggest headaches online merchants suffer with is the W9 management and ensuring that every affiliate you pay has an up-to-date W9 completed and on file. Making a mistake here can be extremely expensive as you’re responsible for paying the taxes for your affiliates if you don’t manage this correctly.

But you know, at CloudNet360, we’re not the type to leave our merchants hanging and let them suffer with the difficult management burden without coming up with an ingenious solution that allows you to remove this hassle from your “to do” list.

Here’s how we solved this problem for you.

1. Affiliate Signup – We allow your affiliates to sign up and start selling your products without hassling them for a W9. After all, the more obstacles you place in front of an affiliate, the less likely they are to actually sell for you.

2. Affiliate Sales Success – Once your affiliate successfully sells your product, and you now owe them commission, they will receive a W9 request message every time they log into their affiliate account.This message will inform them that they have money waiting to be paid to them so they are now very motivated to get that W9 into your hands.

The message also provides them with explicit instructions on how you want the W9 delivered along with a “quick link” to the W9 form (we make it as foolproof as possible to ensure this gets done).

3. Submission Completion – Once the W9 is safely in your hands, you can click a check box for that affiliate and tell PWC that you have the completed form. This will stop the message from appearing in their account.

4. Affiliate Payment – When paying your affiliates using our “Affiliate Easy Pay” system, you have the option of only paying affiliates with W9 forms on file (highly recommended).

Now you have your affiliate W9 management system covered from sign up to commission payment …could it get any easier or well thought out than this? An easy online shopping cart doesn’t have to be a “basic shopping cart” and you don’t need to settle when you can use a More than a cart, it’s a complete marketing solution.

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1st Tier & 2nd Tier – Affiliate Software Tutorial

It seems like everyone has heard of a 2nd tier affiliate but most folks really struggle to understand the difference between a 1st tier affiliate and a 2nd tier affiliate.

And even the folks that know the difference still seem to struggle with understanding how a 2nd tier affiliate is created and when they get paid.

This short video explains in detail how affiliate software creates affiliates and how the different affiliates are paid.

I guarantee that after watching this video, you’ll never struggle again… but if you do, just watch the video again later icon wink 1st Tier & 2nd Tier Affiliate Software Tutorial .

And if there’s anything else you find confusing about affiliate systems and affiliate software, just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer all your questions.

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Don’t Make This Mistake When Choosing Contractors

Choosing the right contractors when outsourcing your project is the #1 way to fail or succeed.

No amount of time, effort, or money is going to fix a bad choice so it’s critical that you eliminate, or at least minimize the damage that a bad contractor selection can carry into your business.

Throughout the years, I’ve personally hired service contractors from every skill set and from every region of the world… and no matter how many things change, there’s always 1 things that remains the same.

Watch this short video to learn how I select a contractor and then work in a very specific manner to ensure my projects come in on time and under budget.

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Announcing: CloudNet360 Channel Partner Certification Program

CloudNet360 Channel Partner Certification Program
If you are a provider of web services, you can become a certified channel partner for CloudNet360. In fact, you can become a Silver level channel partner…instantly! And, it’s even free!

Sure, our Gold and Platinum level certifications are a bit more involved but get started now and within just a few months you could be representing yourself as a Certified Platinum Partner!

Benefits of Becoming a Channel Partner Include

  • Residual Income – Get commissions for as long as your referred clients are paying subscribers to the CloudNet360 system.
  • Services Income – Charge clients for planning, consulting, implementation, support, and training for use of the CloudNet360 system. We get no kickbacks or commission from services you offer.
  • Crossover Income – Build your own non-CloudNet360 services into your project quote.
  • Channel Partner Support – We will help you through lead gen, sales, and technical support during your implementation work. Or, pass off implementation and support to our internal client services team. We can be as involved or as uninvolved as you’d like us to be.
  • Advanced Training – We will teach you everything we know about using every aspect of the system to help you work with your clients to manage their business.
  • No Barrier to Entry – Most web-based CRM/Shopping Cart systems charge $2,000 or more per year and require you attend live, on-site training to maintain your certification. You can start
    selling and implementing our system TODAY without handing us a dime.

CloudNet360 Channel Partner Trailer Video

CloudNet360 Channel Partner Registration Process

We would like to provide you with our Getting Started document which covers things like commission rates on referred sales, more details about our certification level options, and most importantly the steps to take to get started!

Some of our current channel partners would like for these details to remain not-so-visible to the world. So, that’s why we’re asking you to opt-in below.

Email is also our primary way of distributing important content to our channel partners, such as sales training webinar dates and times, releases of new product features and special promotions. So, we might as well get you into the system now, even if you haven’t completely decided to join our Channel Partner team yet.

You are welcome to call our Channel Partner Program Director, Marty Dickinson, with any questions you have about the CloudNet360 Channel Partner Program at 720-535-9285.

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