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A Simple Tip to Improve Email Deliverability

Sometimes when you want to see what to do, you should look at what others are doing that are causing trouble.
For example, if you want to see what email that you’re sending is going to get triggered as spam, just go through your spam folder and look at what’s already in your folder and make sure you avoid those things.

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Selling more, 1 split test at a time….

You need to make sure that your emails are being split tested.
You need to make sure that the subject line is the most critical thing that has to be split tested because nobody even knows what’s inside your email if they don’t open the email.

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CloudNet360 vs. Infusionsoft – CRM Dashboard

In this Infusionsoft Comparison video I am showing you how with a slow, confusing CRM dashboard Infusionsoft is most hyped CRM in the market, thanks to their huge army of affiliates and marketing budget. Just a simple comparison video on CRM dashboard between Cloudnet360 and Infusionsoft is more than enough to prove this hype false.

In CloudNet360, with our philosophy of creating a point and click based easy to use business automation system we are continuously updating ourselves to meet this goal while assuring you a 99.9% stable system so that we can provide you a usable way of managing your business and helping you sell more faster.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Facebook Ads, Websites and Sales Funnels

Do I need to have a website if I’m going to have a funnel? The answer is in this video:

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Time Saver Tip!

One of my favorite concepts in the CN360 CRM system is the ability to have a content library.
You can take a single piece of content and you can use this across all the different people that are in your organization.
You don’t have to create duplicate content or duplicate repositories for all the different people that you might have that need access to this content.
So it really allows you to leverage the content.
You can send the broadcast with an email, then you can add it into an auto-responder sequence and you can also send it as a one off email.
Watch the video to learn how to maximize the use of your content library:

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Aweber v/s Cloudnet360 – Who Provides Best Email Broadcasting Software (Part 2)

What to do AFTER sending a broadcast email – watch the video to find out:

This video is a continuation of the Aweber vs. CloudNet360 comparison video.

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CRM Purpose – Add a Purpose to Your Sales Path

Running a business could be really challenging, especially when you are managing everything on your own. You have to run so many errands everyday that at some point it becomes impossible for you to keep track. But with CloudNet360 CRM you can easily overcome this issue as this system is specifically built for people like you.

In the process of running your business, you create more than one sales path and as your business grows bigger these sales paths also start to grow in number. When you created all these sales paths you definitely did so because you had a reason. Each sales path was created with a definite purpose, but with time as they grew in number, it became difficult for you to remember which one was created with what purpose.

The latest feature added into the CloudNet360 CRM could help you find the perfect solution to this problem. Let’s find out what this is all about.

Now when you visit the crm you will find that there is a new option “ Purpose” added to the sales path section. This allows you to add a purpose to the sales path you create and it acts as a reminder later by helping you recall why that sales path was created.

As far as your existing sales paths are concerned, which have no purpose assigned to them, you could easily manage those too. Just select a sales path and click on the purpose section and check whether it has any purpose, if it does not contain any purpose then go the particular sales path you want and then choose the edit option which allows you to add a new purpose.

Now you can remember the purpose of every sales path you create without having to feel confused. The best part is all you have to do is point and click to perform this function, it is that easy.

With CloudNet360, you will always find an easy way to sell more. Take the free trial offer to give your business the much needed boost.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Do More with CloudNet360 CRM List View

CloudNet360 is usually touted as the best small business crm not just for being a cutting edge, user friendly system, but also for the fact that it is constantly evolving to give you better user experience.

As your business starts to grow your requirements also start to multiply and you need your crm to do more for you. The good thing is CloudNet360 is always assessing those acute needs and adding features to the system or, sometimes modifying existing features to help you meet those needs.

This time the latest feature to be added to the system is the CRM List View Option which makes it easier for you to keep track of your sales path.

You can have an overview of your current sales path to monitor the actions that are taking place. But after a while this option might not work for you when you need more details about your mails and other stuff. So, to help you out here the list view option has been added to the crm. Now you can have a regular view mode which will give you a generic view of the sales path and then there is this new list view mode, which puts things into perspective.

This new option allows you to get detailed information which you need regarding your sales path. For example, if you need thorough details about the emails, such as the title of the email and the profile of the sender then you should make the switch and go from the regular view mode to the list view mode. You can easily scroll through the emails and you can find out promptly about the sender profile by clicking on it and you could then glean all the necessary information about that particular sender.

Now the list view might not appear to be graphically appealing, but you can switch to the regular view mode anytime. So, now you have both the options available at your fingertips.

CloudNet360 makes it easier for you to sell more, go for the free trial offer today.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Check out the New CRM Funnel Tool Tips

CloudNet360 always prioritizes the needs of its users, which is why it is one of the most sought after crm system on the market today for the small business owners. The fact that it is built specifically for the small businesses makes all the difference in the way it works.

Besides being a super easy system to operate, it is also the most updated system you will come across. Instead of forcing the users to carry on with dated features, it continues to upgrade the system by adding a fresh bunch of features on a regular basis. This time around the newest feature that made its way to the crm system is Tool Tips.

The reason behind adding this new feature is to shorten the time you spend carrying out your tasks. The crm has the tool tips bar which contains multiple tools, now instead of having to click each one icon to find out what the tool is all about or, looking frantically for the tool you want to use at any given moment you can easily locate it thanks to this new feature and that too without wasting time.

You just have to get to the tool tips section and you can move your mouse over it and you can find out what are the functions of the icons, or, you could go to the option shown above the section ”ShowTool Tips” and click it to expose all the tool tips at the same time. Now you could easily choose the tool you want to use at that moment and click on it to open it and then you could carry on with your task without wasting a moment.

It is super easy to use and most importantly, it saves oodles of time and help you finish your daily tasks in a hassle free way even when you are in a hurry.

CloudNet360 is all about simplicity, give it a try to sell more.

Checkout this Cloudnet360 CRM- New Feature Alert Video know more about tool tips:

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Selling More, Faster means focusing on the right customers

There are some customers you’d want to keep in the CRM but not send emails or call them or have them involve in anyway; in this case, you’d want to “deactivate” them.

Watch the video to see how this new feature works:

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