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Aweber v/s Cloudnet360 – Who Provides Best Email Broadcasting Software (Part 2)

What to do AFTER sending a broadcast email – watch the video to find out:

This video is a continuation of the Aweber vs. CloudNet360 comparison video.

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Aweber v/s Cloudnet360 – Who Provides Best Email Broadcasting Software (Part 1)

Discover why Cloudnet360 email automation tool is the best sales automation software for your small to mid-sized business.

A common customer question we have received in recent days is – “How Do You Compare Against Aweber”. So, I have created a video to show you how people do things in Aweber and then comparing and contrasting how we do things in

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A Simple Technique to Boost Your Email Open Rate

An unopened email is worthless. You need a great subject line to entice your customers to open your email.

This video demonstrates in real life and real time what I spoke of previously in the email split test video.

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Best Autoresponder Software Choice?

Best AutoresponderChoosing between a good affiliate program or the best autoresponder service is like having to choose between a having arms or having legs.

You really want both arms and legs and you really want to have killer autoresponder software and a great affiliate program as part of your online business model. Both contribute significant revenue streams you simply cannot hope to attain without them.

So we often get the question of why we offer only 1 affiliate program but give our merchants 6 autoresponders from which to choose. For the sake of brevity, I’ll answer the affiliate program issue in a later post and focus on the best autoresponder choices for now.

Let me first outline the six basic options and then I’ll explain why we have them all. Keep in mind that every autoresponder option listed below is already seamlessly integrated into and gives you product specific control and automation.

1. CRM & Autoresponder Integrated – autoresponder functionality is “built in” and is an integral part of the CloudNet360 CRM. Using the CRM and built in autoresponder provides the ultimate level of power and automation.

2. PremiumAR – Our autoresponder system built in partnership with Aweber so it basically works identically to Aweber. The advantage to using PremiumAR over Aweber is that your eBusiness Advisor will be able to provide additional direct support for this account. When you use Aweber, you’ll need to utilize their support people for all autoresponder related issues.

3. Aweber

4. iContact

5. Get Response

6. Mailchimp

So what’s the easy autoresponder software choice for your online shopping cart?

That’s precisely the point of CloudNet360 giving you so many options. There is no “1 best choice” for everyone so we give you 6 options to choose from and let you decide which is the best autoresponder for you and your business.

I have a personal favorite of course (I’m just a tiny bit biased) but I’m also a realist. If you have a giant list somewhere and don’t want to move it, you shouldn’t have to just because you want to use an alternative to 1shoppingcart or any of the other online shopping cart options.

We give you the freedom to choose and not have to worry about moving your email marketing list. After all, it’s your business so we let your choice of autoresponder remain your choice to make.

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CRM Selectable Opt-In Forms

CRM segmentation ensures that your communication with your prospect and customer list is always accurate and always relating to your audience. Speaking to your list as individuals rather than one massive, homogeneous, group is where small business marketing success separates the winners from the losers.

In today’s market, generic communication is killed faster than a fly meeting a windshield at highway speeds. Nobody has time for reading messages that are intended for the masses… people want direct one-on-one communication on only the topics they care about – at least it needs to “feel” like it’s one-on-one communication.

When your prospects see that you’re delivering information specifically solving their needs and desires, you’ll find a receptive audience that easily converts into a customer.

It’s not hard to see this in everyday life.

People walking into Chipotle expect Mexican food while people walking into Five Guys are there for a burger and fries. The communication is clear, the expectations are set, and the prospects go to the location that has the items on the menu they want for their meal.

Beside the fact their food sucks, McDonalds suffers from this lack of specific communication with their customers. McDonalds transformed from a very specific business serving burgers, fries and shakes to one striving to be all things to all people.

A “menu for all” might sound like a great way to increase their market but instead this general purpose menu has transformed them into a business with no clear communication to their customers.

Not to say you can’t have a broad based line of products and be successful.

If you have a sporting goods store, you need to have a broad based offering but you better make sure that your male bow hunters are receiving only information related to their passion and not receiving communication about women’s yoga pants.

If you’re looking to sell more… faster, then take a test drive today and experience the difference accurate segmentation will make for your business.

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CRM Customer Details – Best Small Business CRM

The best small business CRM is the CRM that leverages the talents of the small business owners and automates their workload so they can do more with less. It’s the reason that most small businesses have a productivity advantage over large businesses because small business owners are forced to find creative and cost effective solutions to their problems and business needs.

To make the best small business CRM, it’s critical that the software company understands small business, has lived as a small business, and is dedicated to small business as their long haul customer. Because once the CRM software starts to get diluted in its mission, the features stop adding value and actually start reducing value as the systems become bloated with unnecessary complexity that doesn’t match the way a small business owner operates their business.

For example, the “Customer Details” section is a critical section for a small business owner but considered only a “functional” area for the way a large business operates. In a large business CRM, the Customer details is simple a “data page” but in the small business world, the Customer Details section is where the owners and the salespeople spend a great deal of time which is why we spend so much time and effort making this section as valuable and usable as possible.

Take a look at how we’ve improved the Customer Details section to provide you with multiple simple configuration options to better manage the critical customer information, the less critical customer information, and the “harder to handle” customer information. Now you can collect everything you need without making a mess of your records to provide the perfect balance of data collection with easy to use everyday access.

Now, is this the only thing needed to be the “best small business CRM“… nope, but it sure does demonstrate how much attention to detail we place into every section of the CRM to reflect the way you work each and every day. Every new feature we add is added to make your business easier and more productive and not to turn you into a data entry slave or computer programmer “geek” to service the needs your CRM.

If you have a small business and want to sell more… faster, then take a test drive today to feel the difference between a CRM built for the fortune 500 and a CRM built for you.

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Easy Split Testing – Best Email Split Test Software

Everyone already knows that split testing will dramatically help their business perform better and ultimately earn more money… but even with this knowledge, the vast majority of small businesses are not doing any split testing at all.

And even fewer are performing split testing daily!

Why does this obvious disconnect exist when almost every business wants to grow and earn greater profits?

Even though people know they will make more money, why are they still not performing the split testing that will get them to their goal? I suppose its the same reason that keeps people from making it to the gym even though they know they’ll feel better and lead a healthier life if they exercise regularly.

The underlying problem is “time and effort”. Small business owners are simply out of time and not able to take on additional tasks. They simply cannot pack more into a day that’s already overbooked!

Knowing this to be true, we designed our email split testing software to be so “point and click” simple that it takes almost zero additional time to run split tests on 100% of your email newsletter broadcasts, automated email autoresponder sequences and conditional emails that fire based upon the actions, or inactions, of the people on your list.

Watch this short video and discover for yourself just how simple it can be to split test all of your email marketing. Your bottom line will thank you for the efforts.

CloudNet360 – helping you Sell More… Faster!

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Improve Your Open Rate – 7%, 8% & 10% Case Study

Email open rates correlate directly to making more money in your business… so why do so few people actually split test their subject lines?

This video will clearly demonstrate the high value of split testing your subject lines with actual results from actual email split tests that we ran while sending email to our list (maybe even you).

The results are nothing less than amazing, the process is simple and the “predictability” of the subject line winners is absolutely terrible!

Watch the video now, then start your email split testing right after.

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Action Links VS. Tracking Links

Email is an effective marketing tool used by small, medium and even big businesses;
but are these emails making an impact on the customers or are they just being deleted without even being opened?
Most of the emails fail because they hardly make sense to the people who receive them.
Everyday your customers get email from numerous senders.
If you want to stand out from the rest using this marketing tool, let CloudNet360 help you out with our cutting edge system which has powerful features like “Action Links”.
To learn more about this, watch the video.

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