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SEO keyword research is simple

SEO keyword research is simple… when it’s not simple, there’s a really good chance it’s also worthless. Watch this short video to see how we use the included project manager and for a quick keyword research technique that anyone can use.

The real takeaway is that SEO is not “magical”, it’s a lot of work but when you follow simple rules and actually grind out the effort… then it works and you get to the 1st page!

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Infusionsoft vs CloudNet360 – Tracking Order

In this Cloudnet360 vs Infusionsoft video, I just want to show you some of the pervasive confusion that takes place in the Infusionsoft system or, in this case it is just a matter of being very inconvenient on top of confusion.

So, one of the things everyone wants to do all the time when running a business is to check the orders. Now Watch our Infusionsoft Comparison video and find out the contrasting nature of two system i.e Cloudnet360 and Infusionsoft.

In a nutshell, the more we are digging in the more it is becoming evident why people like to call “infusionsoft” as “Confusionsoft”.

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Broadcast Split Testing – is Infusionsoft Learning from CloudNet360?

An honest Review from Cloudnet360 tech team on why you should opt for Cloudnet360 instead of Infusionsoft and consider Cloudnet360 as best Infusionsoft alternative.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Boring = Success

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for topics for your blog / website / social media site, etc., then there’s a simple way for you to come up with more ideas for content creation than you can possibly manage:

Put down your phone, turn off the TV and just get a little BORED.

TV used to be the primary “time wasting” culprit because of the effect it had on the people wasting countless hours mindlessly sitting in front of the screen watching sitcoms and toilet paper commercials.

Next came the video game consoles and the “vidiots” who wasted even more time battling fake monsters and winning fake sporting events.

How can you convert your boredom into success


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the “smart phone” became part of mainstream America and took any semblance of intelligence and turned it into a series of pouty duck-lip and peace sign photos shared to entire networks of “friends”.

People have grown so accustomed to “consuming” bad content, they’ve forgotten how to “create” content, original thoughts, or simply intelligent conversation that doesn’t involve “swiping” the screen to something on their phone that someone else actually created and they “consumed”.

Take a break from all forms of media and let your creative juices flow.
Go out, take a walk and let mother nature be the fuel you consume to fire your imagination.

Your mind already has the all the ideas you could ever write about but you need to let them out. You need to stop blocking them with “noise” from other people’s content or distractions from other parts of your life or business.

Learn how to be bored for 15 minutes and you’ll never have a shortage of topics to write about.

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Video vs. Static Image

The hazard of using this style of video is that most often, people don’t know whether what you have posted is an image or a video.
It’s important that people understand that you are posting a video versus a static image.

Watch the video for a cool tip on how to overcome this:

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Create Your Fully Featured Membership Site Within 15 Minutes

**Webinar Recording** Product Jam – 15-Minute Membership Site

The Webinar is done, recorded, and “in the can”…

I could tell whether Marty & Gary hit the mission goals, but what would be the fun in that?

Some frequently asked questions along with their answers, during The Webinar Jam Session, has been listed below:

Q: Does this member ship software have a timed release of content so I can keep my members in my program longer? For example, can I time the content so each week the members get to view 1 new video?

Ans: Yes, it does exactly what you’re talking about and more since you can have a timed release (drip feed) set for each membership level. So Gold members may receive the content faster than Silver members or you can set them to all drip out at the same rate.

Q: This looks easy. Lets me focus on the content instead of wasting all my time building a website. I hope this is truly point and click simple like you claim.

Ans: Yes it is. The most difficult part of building the Membership Site is selecting what graphics to use in your design and, of course, content creation.

Q: I don’t like systems where I don’t have access to the source code so I can add my own code and customize things with my own hand written script. You didn’t talk about custom coding so I assume this system is not compatible with custom code. If I’m wrong, tell me how I do it and what language I need to use.

Ans: We did not cover the advanced CSS sections because most people want to “keep it simple”, create their branding, and then focus on the content and sales.The system has been optimized for “courseware” and if you’re using it for this purpose, you’ll love it but using it for other purposes can create a “square peg” versus a “round hole” scenario.

Q: Is this WordPress compatible?

Ans: Yes, it’s compatible with any website system.

Q: I can’t figure out how to build separate pages from this video? How do I present multiple categories of my videos?

Ans: You do not “build pages”, all you do is create “categories” and “sub-categories” using the built-in top slider and left side menu.

Q: I don’t get where the html box comes into the system. What are you talking about. It makes no sense to me. How does this up sell people into more sales?

Ans: The HTML area will appear directly under the “content”. For example, if you’re teaching people how to cook with a video and you’re using a specific type of paring knife in the video, you could easily have an affiliate link or product link to the product so the viewer can buy the product you’re using in the video. This is one simple example but the possibilities are truly endless. Education is a GREAT way to sell to people and it’s why this technique is so effective.

Q: How old is this membership system?

Ans: The system has been “live” since 2009 and we’ve been building and improving it ever since. All the main features i.e. Drip Feed, etc were there from the beginning but we’ve refined and improved and added to the system each year. For Premium Web Cart / CloudNet360 improvement is a non-stop mission from our team of long term programmers.

Q: Is it Wishlist Alternative?

Ans: CloudNet360 system is a good Wishlist Member alternative when you are a “courseware” based membership site. Courseware is really the most popular type of membership business which is why we focused specifically on this niche.

Check out the recording for yourself and leave a comment below.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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The “do nothing” Fulfillment Center

If you listen to the news at all, you hear the President complaining about our “do nothing Congress”.

And not to get started on anything political, it just always makes me laugh a little as that’s what we call the CloudNet360 Fulfillment center; the “do nothing fulfillment service”.

But instead of this title being thrown at the crew in the warehouse as a negative insult, as it is with the Congress, our guys grab onto this “do nothing” title with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Deservedly so, because when we refer to “do nothing”, we’re talking about what our customers need to do when they run their fulfillment requirements through our services division.

Here’s what our customers don’t do (because we do it for them):

  • Don’t send order notifications
  • Don’t figure out complex API integrations
  • Don’t download CSV files daily
  • Don’t email new orders
  • Don’t worry about orders getting lost to email filters
  • Don’t burn or print CD/DVD’s
  • Don’t print their e-books
  • Don’t worry about inventory management
  • Don’t worry about return / refunds

… and they certainly don’t think about how their business is going to operate while they’re sitting on the beach enjoying their vacation.

When you use CloudNet360 for your fulfillment of CD, DVD, Printing and / or warehousing of your physical products, all you ever do is “click a check box” to designate that a product requires fulfillment and every order thereafter is on 100% autopilot.

Working with a “do nothing” partner never made your life this easy before.

Tom Reed
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Call me @1-888-388-1815

PS If you’re strictly a “digital products” markerter today, give me a call and I’ll show you how easy it is to add an additional revenue stream and reduce your refund rate at the same time.

This is the biggest “no brainer, I’m leaving money on the table and not giving my customers what they want” mistake even the biggest info marketers make every day because they don’t want the hassle of physical product fulfillment… are you making this mistake too?

If you are, then follow Bob Newhart’s advice and “Stop It” and start making more money with our fulfillment services today.

Not sure who Bob Newhart is? Then watch this short video of the master in action.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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A Niche Marketing Technique That’s Not All “Right”


Yes, it’s a bad pun… but it’s an important online marketing concept in the business plans of so many “name brand” and well known marketing heroes.

Niche marketing is never really about finding some tiny sliver of business that nobody else wants, it’s really about connecting strongly with your customer base. Being able to design an entire sales process around a topic that will be instantly identified by your target market is “niche marketing”… regardless of the size of the market.

For example, Burger King is a “niche marketer” because their customer base can readily identify with what they will receive as soon as they walk in the door of the restaurant. If you want a “burger”, going to “Burger King” is likely going to be a good place to start and you’ll instantly know this by their name alone.

Adding the “flame broiled” aspect of their burgers further defines their niche in the burger business but simply by choosing the name “Burger King”, they clearly decided what business they were in and who they want as customers.

Will Burger King attract people that want Sushi, Italian, or Pizza? No, but they don’t care.

They could have easily named their restaurants “Family Diner” to appeal to everyone but they would have lost their core customer base of burger lovers. By trying to appeal to everyone, they would have attracted no one.

While vacationing in Disney with the family, I ran across this niche business that seems to be doing alright even though they don’t do anything “right”.

Have a chat with CloudNet360’s e-Business advisor to sell more… faster!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Sell More Stuff with 1 “Easy” Technique

There are things that never change, no matter what technology is used and regardless of the products sold.

People are people and people will always buy the same way people have been buying forever. They may use a credit card instead of cash, or a mobile phone instead of driving to the store, but in the end, there is always the same factor that determines whether a person buys or passes by.

This short video will hopefully tell you what you already know but the bigger picture is to show you an easy way to “easy” using the CloudNet360 online sales automation system.

Just one more way we help you Sell More… Faster!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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You Know You’re an Entrepreneur When…

Entrepreneur Working
Whether it’s a sales call, or a during implementation support GoTo meeting, we speak with entrepreneurs literally all day long… and sometimes into the night as well.

We love our work and it shows when we try to keep things fun. Here are several comments we’ve received (and contributed) in some of those more light hearted conversations with our clients when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

Feel free to add to the list with your comments and 1st hand experience.

You Know You’re an Entrepreneur When…

  1. You can’t wait for the weekend because you’re excited about having 2 full days to work without interruption.
  2. You perform a mental calculation while doing every house chore to see if it makes more sense to do it yourself or outsource it to a contractor.
  3. Burning the midnight oil isn’t merely a figure of speech and actually does happen at midnight.
  4. Not working for 2 full days on the weekend feels like you really got away with something big.
  5. You stopped working at 5:30 PM because you needed to leave early.
  6. Vacation plans always revolve around the WiFi connection.
  7. March Madness has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with closing the books out and filing taxes on time.
  8. You lose badly at trivia contests any time the topic centers around current TV shows.
  9. You own more electronic devices than your friends have shoes.
  10. An old computer is one that you did not buy this year.
  11. Your “fear of public speaking” is not getting invited to speak on stage.
  12. Your “commute to work” is more likely to depend on slippers than a car.
  13. You have a hard time understanding why someone wouldn’t want to be in sales.
  14. You understand that creating good paying jobs is a fortunate byproduct of a successful business and not the primary mission. And you’re wise enough to realize you’ll look like a major jack a** if you say this out loud in mixed company.
  15. You get to fly 1st Class anytime you choose. But then you work the math and realize you could fly coach and buy yourself a new mountain bike for the same money so you fly coach instead.
  16. Getting a tax write off is a lot less exciting when you know you need to spend a dollar to get 25 cents back.
  17. When going on vacation causes more stress than it relieves.
  18. When you have the excitement of not having a clue how much money you’ll earn next year or even next week.
  19. When you dream of being back in your old job just to be able to relax for a while.
  20. When you dream of being back in your old job and wake up sweating with fear that you really are back in your old job.
  21. When you get that indescribable feeling of happiness and self-satisfaction when everything comes together and you close the deal.

All humor aside, remember that part of the purpose of CloudNet360 is to help you manage your business more efficiently so you CAN have more fun; fun with your family, fun with friends, fun with your business, fun being an entrepreneur.

Next time you’re burning that midnight oil, remember again all the good parts of being an entrepreneur that you get to enjoy day after day. Keep it fun!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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