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Make More Profit with Easy to Create Membership Sites

membership Sites

Everyone agrees that a membership site is a great business model, but having 2, or 3, or even more membership sites, can double or triple the revenue you’re able to pull in.

Having the ability to easily re-purpose content, re-brand a membership site, and instantly have a “new” product is a proven method of niche marketing and a great way to effectively target your audience for phenomenal conversion rates.

No longer do you need to mass market to everybody, and dilute your sales message, to appeal to the broad audience. Now you can sharpen that message and laser focus your sights on subsets of customers… but without the major hassle of building and rebuilding multiple membership sites.

All you need to do now is click the “copy” icon and you have a new “instant site” ready for a new brand and ready for more customers, just hit the “copy” button and turn that membership site into 2, 3, 5, or more, branded sites that you can use to dominate your market, 1 niche at a time.

**REMEMBER** – If you have a load of great content, but can’t find even 15 spare minutes to build your membership site, we’ll do it for you.

Just call your e-Business Advisor and they’ll tell you exactly how our expert services group can get it done for you quickly, reasonably priced… and just the way you want it.

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Create Your Fully Featured Membership Site Within 15 Minutes

**Webinar Recording** Product Jam – 15-Minute Membership Site

The Webinar is done, recorded, and “in the can”…

I could tell whether Marty & Gary hit the mission goals, but what would be the fun in that?

Some frequently asked questions along with their answers, during The Webinar Jam Session, has been listed below:

Q: Does this member ship software have a timed release of content so I can keep my members in my program longer? For example, can I time the content so each week the members get to view 1 new video?

Ans: Yes, it does exactly what you’re talking about and more since you can have a timed release (drip feed) set for each membership level. So Gold members may receive the content faster than Silver members or you can set them to all drip out at the same rate.

Q: This looks easy. Lets me focus on the content instead of wasting all my time building a website. I hope this is truly point and click simple like you claim.

Ans: Yes it is. The most difficult part of building the Membership Site is selecting what graphics to use in your design and, of course, content creation.

Q: I don’t like systems where I don’t have access to the source code so I can add my own code and customize things with my own hand written script. You didn’t talk about custom coding so I assume this system is not compatible with custom code. If I’m wrong, tell me how I do it and what language I need to use.

Ans: We did not cover the advanced CSS sections because most people want to “keep it simple”, create their branding, and then focus on the content and sales.The system has been optimized for “courseware” and if you’re using it for this purpose, you’ll love it but using it for other purposes can create a “square peg” versus a “round hole” scenario.

Q: Is this WordPress compatible?

Ans: Yes, it’s compatible with any website system.

Q: I can’t figure out how to build separate pages from this video? How do I present multiple categories of my videos?

Ans: You do not “build pages”, all you do is create “categories” and “sub-categories” using the built-in top slider and left side menu.

Q: I don’t get where the html box comes into the system. What are you talking about. It makes no sense to me. How does this up sell people into more sales?

Ans: The HTML area will appear directly under the “content”. For example, if you’re teaching people how to cook with a video and you’re using a specific type of paring knife in the video, you could easily have an affiliate link or product link to the product so the viewer can buy the product you’re using in the video. This is one simple example but the possibilities are truly endless. Education is a GREAT way to sell to people and it’s why this technique is so effective.

Q: How old is this membership system?

Ans: The system has been “live” since 2009 and we’ve been building and improving it ever since. All the main features i.e. Drip Feed, etc were there from the beginning but we’ve refined and improved and added to the system each year. For Premium Web Cart / CloudNet360 improvement is a non-stop mission from our team of long term programmers.

Q: Is it Wishlist Alternative?

Ans: CloudNet360 system is a good Wishlist Member alternative when you are a “courseware” based membership site. Courseware is really the most popular type of membership business which is why we focused specifically on this niche.

Check out the recording for yourself and leave a comment below.

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Exciting, New, “Selectable Recurring Billing” Feature

It’s true that we crank out an amazing amount of new features each month. Sometimes too many to even keep up with!

Some features are intended to make the system easier, some features add automation, some features put more cash in your pocket and then there’s the occasional new feature that does all of the above …plus more!

These are the features that truly gets a marketing maven excited to be in this industry and provides the motivation to wake up before the rest of the world each day. I’m excited just being able to announce this!

Today I want you to put away the “work arounds”, the clunky sales flows, and the “just can’t be done’s” because today you have the new, Selectable Recurring Billing capability included in your CloudNet360 online shopping cart.

Watch this short video to learn what it can do for you and discover how easily this exciting new feature can be implemented into your sales flow today.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Best Membership Software – Drip Feed your Content

Good membership site software will give you the ability time the release of the content, also known as “Drip Feed”, to give you the ability to better time the content delivery.

Great membership software has the advanced capability to drip every item of content out at a specific, and unique rate, so you can treat members differently based upon their chosen membership levels.

With the fully integrated membership software included with every CloudNet360 account, you can use the same membership site, with the same content, but still personalize the user experience based upon the membership level the customer has chosen and paid for.

But nothing stays the same in your business so we made sure that you can easily add, manage and update your content with our industry exclusive 1-page content manager that makes mass updates as easy as updating the data on a spreadsheet.

This makes adding membership levels to your site and assigning uniquely timed content to that specific membership level just as easy so always have the option of offering a lower cost option or a premium upgrade to the existing membership levels.

The CloudNet360 membership software isn’t just better because it’s easier for you to set up and manage, it’s better because it’s easier for your customers to understand with the logical and intuitive design and flow.

If your membership software isn’t this easy, or doesn’t allow you to create an unlimited number of membership sites with a simple “click of button”, then you need to try the best membership software ever made for information marketers.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Complete Business Integration Vs The Frankenstein Model

Complete business integration wasn’t always thought of as the ultimate small business solution. There was, and still is, a cadre of people that and business coaches that like to push the “best of breed” concept for small business integration.

And when this business model is referred to as the “best of breed” it sounds like a great concept but when it’s referred to as the “frankenstein model”, it sounds a little more ominous. But where does the truth lie? Is it really the beautiful “best of breed” or the ugly monster posing online with a fake profile trying to lure you in close enough to strike?

To answer this question, I like to step outside the realm of software and look at older industries to analyze their trajectory and maturation process.

For example, in the automative industry, it was common for performance enthusiasts to buy a muscle car like a Mustang or Camaro and then go through an extensive process of removing and replacing the stock parts with “best of breed” performance parts.

The stock carburetor would get replaced with a Holly carburetor to increase fuel delivery rates which would then necessitate the removal of the stock air filter to replace it with a K&N air filter to increase the air flow in balance with the increased fuel.

Naturally, this increased air/fuel mixture meant that the valve timing would need to be modified to take advantage of all this extra fuel, then the pistons replaced with Wiseco performance pistons to manage the heat, and the crank shaft enhanced or replaced to manage the extra load from all this new horsepower.

Ahhh… but then the transmission and drive line were next in line to handle the stress with a new rear differential and alternate gearing were needed to get all this power to both tires instead of just one. Oh, and speaking of tires, wider rims and tires were needed to transmit all this power into forward motion which then meant the suspension needed to be upgraded to handle the additional torque… whew, and we haven’t even touched the inside yet.

After all, no car enthusiast is going to be caught dead with an impressive ride like this one and a stock stereo with “tinny” speakers; those just have to go!

There are multiple problems with this “best of breed” performance car:


  • Cost – Buying and installing all of these aftermarket parts always cost a small fortune, often exceeding the original cost of the entire new car.



  • Compatibility – Even though the K&N filter fit right onto the Holly carb, it still took extensive “tweaking” to finally get that fuel / air mixture just right.



  • Integration – The parts may have fit together but since they were never truly designed to be exclusive to one another, the “whole of the system” was actually less than the “sum of the parts”


Today’s performance car is nothing like the performance cars of old. The auto companies discovered that people really want to buy a performance car that they can get in and drive “as is”, with the integration and performance built in from day one.

When you look at a Mustang or Camaro today, almost nobody replaces anything because the “whole of the system” is far greater than the “sum of the parts”. The system reliability is far better so now performance enthusiasts spend more time driving and no time “wrenching” on their cars… as it should be.

So it is with complete small business integration.

Bolting together multiple pieces of “best in breed” software is always going to be more expensive, higher maintenance, and the “whole of the system” is always going to be lower than the “sum of the parts”.

This trend is now self evident as all of our competitors i.e. Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Greenrope, Kajabi, etc. are all trying to emulate the model that CloudNet360 started. If imitation is the purest forma of flattery, then Cloudnet360 is surely the most praised small business integration solution on the market today.

If you want the original, if you want the leader in small business integration, then CloudNet360 is the obvious choice for your small business. It’s not just an “all in one” business solution, it’s the only “everything you need… all in one” small business solution!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Ontraport Pricing – Strange Reason It’s Insane

Ontraport pricing should be a topic that’s straight forward and easy to cover. In fact, it should be so simple that all one needs is a simple spreadsheet or comparison chart to quickly glean the pertinent information and make an informed decision.

Pricing is simple, but the Ontraport pricing throws an unusual curve into the mix. Normally, I would say this type of curve was intentionally used to create confusion and obfuscate the competitive landscape but this pricing scheme used by Ontraport is so unusual that one must truly struggle to understand why Ontraport priced their system in such a way because it defies all logic for any reasonable small business looking for a sales and marketing automation system with a CRM.

As experts in the field of small business software automation, we’ve also struggled to understand the Ontraport pricing scheme but this video will certainly help you in the decision making process for your business.

Of course, if you really want a great system to start, launch and grow your business, then I would highly recommend you take CloudNet360 for a 30-day test drive and discover for yourself why so many others have come to the same conclusion and made the same choice.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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New Kajabi Pricing – Is Kajabi Worth the Price?

The New Kajabi pricing is certainly a hot topic and when it comes to managing and growing your small business, it’s critical that you watch what you’re spending as well as what you’re earning. They may be opposite sides of the coin but they’re still both part of the same coin.

Unfortunately, the pricing of Kajabi, and the price of their competitors, is not always as easy, or straight forward, to determine at first glance. The entire purpose of this video is to take an alternate view of the way you need to determine the Kajabi pricing, or the price of any small business sales automation system, that you plan to use for your business.

The first thing to consider is actually not the “price” of Kajabi because in the context of a business system, price has no real bearing.

Does Intel stop building billion dollar chip fabs because the “price” is too high? Does General Motors stop building truck plants because the “price” is too high? Of course not… but both companies will look at the price in the context of the revenue that product will generate and then they analyze the return on investment before making their decision to build the plant or look for a cheaper alternative to the initial price.

It’s obvious that the price for Kajabi is important but it should also be obvious that the Kajabi price is a “variable” in the equation of value and not intended to be the “answer” in this problem.

Regardless of what the Kajabi price might be, you need to look at this from the standpoint of how it fits into your business and what value it brings to your business. If the value is greater than the price, then Kajabi is worth the price.

But if the value is lower, or if there are other options with a better return on investment, then the Kajabi pricing is immaterial and too expensive… no matter the actual price charged.

There are no absolute answers in this equation but the best way for you to determine what’s right for your small business sales automation is to simply take a RISK FREE 30-Day Trial and discover for yourself how CloudNet360 will help you Sell More… Faster!

You’ll quickly learn why CloudNet360 is the most loved sales, marketing, and business automation system because it’s the only “all-in-one” that has “everything-you-need”.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Ontraport Alternative

Is CloudNet360 the best Ontraport alternative?

Obviously, we believe, along with many others, that CloudNet360 is the 1st choice among smart online marketers, and progressive “offline” small businesses as well, rather than an “alternative to Ontraport“. It’s probably better stated that “Ontraport is a bad alternative to CloudNet360!”

But there’s always going to be people already using Ontraport and looking for a new Ontraport alternative to increase the integration and expand on the functionality that Ontraport currently provides. When that’s the case, then CloudNet360 is going to be the ultimate Ontraport alternative because it simply does more, is integrated more, covers more of your business, and provides more opportunities for you to create new customers and then turn more of your existing customers into repeat buyers.

So if you’ve outgrown Ontraport, or simply need a true all-in-one system that covers “all you need”, then the choice is obvious – CloudNet360 will help you be a smarter marketer and Sell More… Faster!

And do it all from 1 login with 1 low monthly investment.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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A “New Kajabi Competitor?”

Being a “New Kajabi competitor” is nothing new to CloudNet360… in this competitive market, we have many competitors today, many competitors have come and gone already, and more are sure to be following.

In many ways, the competitors we’ve faced in the last 10-years have made us what we are today. Because we’ve needed to run faster, be more innovative, and find creative ways to help our customers sell more… along with becoming easier to use, these tough competitors have actually insulated use from new competitors like Kajabi.

Not that the New Kajabi isn’t a good system or a good competitor, it’s just that CloudNet360 is better. Kajabi has a long way to go to catch up with all the daily and weekly improvements that we’ve incorporated over the last decade of tough, good competitor just like the new Kajabi.

We’ll keep an eye on Kajabi, but we’re going to keep doing what we do best and keep improving and refining what we have so by the time the New Kajabi catches up to where CloudNet360 is today, we’ll be far ahead and looking back at this point in time as a distant memory.

CloudNet360, helping you Sell More… Faster!

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