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Make More Profit with Easy to Create Membership Sites

membership Sites

Everyone agrees that a membership site is a great business model, but having 2, or 3, or even more membership sites, can double or triple the revenue you’re able to pull in.

Having the ability to easily re-purpose content, re-brand a membership site, and instantly have a “new” product is a proven method of niche marketing and a great way to effectively target your audience for phenomenal conversion rates.

No longer do you need to mass market to everybody, and dilute your sales message, to appeal to the broad audience. Now you can sharpen that message and laser focus your sights on subsets of customers… but without the major hassle of building and rebuilding multiple membership sites.

All you need to do now is click the “copy” icon and you have a new “instant site” ready for a new brand and ready for more customers, just hit the “copy” button and turn that membership site into 2, 3, 5, or more, branded sites that you can use to dominate your market, 1 niche at a time.

**REMEMBER** – If you have a load of great content, but can’t find even 15 spare minutes to build your membership site, we’ll do it for you.

Just call your e-Business Advisor and they’ll tell you exactly how our expert services group can get it done for you quickly, reasonably priced… and just the way you want it.

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Mpro-V2 Membership Site is **LIVE**

Yesterday I said I would tell you about a great new product release and today it’s official.

Our built-in membership system has been upgraded to the new and improved Mpro-V2 and it’s live in your account as we speak.

But don’t worry… we kept all the things you already love, we just made the system “better” in almost every way that matters to you.

The “tech-geeks” will love that we upgraded the foundation to the latest Laravel platform while the rest of you will love the slick new way that content is managed. It’s soooo much faster and easier than before (and it was better and easier than anything else on the market so you know you’re going to love this!)

Naturally, we added additional features like the ability to link directly to a new content item instead of routing through the menu and many other thoughtful tidbits like this.

In the coming days and weeks, you’ll be receiving new videos showing you exactly how to best take advantage of the amazing capabilities now at your finger tops with MPro-V2.

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Exciting New Product Update Tomorrow

First I want to apologize on behalf of the entire sales organization for doing such an effective “disappearing act”.

There’s a good reason for our noticeable lack of product update notices and blog updates (reasons why – click here)  but let’s face facts, in business you still need to get the job done regardless of the obstacle and we were guilty of not getting the job done.

The good news… the programming staff never stopped pounding away at new code to improve the current system and add new features to help you sell more.

So tomorrow, I’ll be sending an announcement about a major new product update / release and if you have a membership site today, or are thinking about adding one in the future, then you’re going to love this announcement!

Until tomorrow… now let’s go sell something!

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Create Your Fully Featured Membership Site Within 15 Minutes

**Webinar Recording** Product Jam – 15-Minute Membership Site

The Webinar is done, recorded, and “in the can”…

I could tell whether Marty & Gary hit the mission goals, but what would be the fun in that?

Some frequently asked questions along with their answers, during The Webinar Jam Session, has been listed below:

Q: Does this member ship software have a timed release of content so I can keep my members in my program longer? For example, can I time the content so each week the members get to view 1 new video?

Ans: Yes, it does exactly what you’re talking about and more since you can have a timed release (drip feed) set for each membership level. So Gold members may receive the content faster than Silver members or you can set them to all drip out at the same rate.

Q: This looks easy. Lets me focus on the content instead of wasting all my time building a website. I hope this is truly point and click simple like you claim.

Ans: Yes it is. The most difficult part of building the Membership Site is selecting what graphics to use in your design and, of course, content creation.

Q: I don’t like systems where I don’t have access to the source code so I can add my own code and customize things with my own hand written script. You didn’t talk about custom coding so I assume this system is not compatible with custom code. If I’m wrong, tell me how I do it and what language I need to use.

Ans: We did not cover the advanced CSS sections because most people want to “keep it simple”, create their branding, and then focus on the content and sales.The system has been optimized for “courseware” and if you’re using it for this purpose, you’ll love it but using it for other purposes can create a “square peg” versus a “round hole” scenario.

Q: Is this WordPress compatible?

Ans: Yes, it’s compatible with any website system.

Q: I can’t figure out how to build separate pages from this video? How do I present multiple categories of my videos?

Ans: You do not “build pages”, all you do is create “categories” and “sub-categories” using the built-in top slider and left side menu.

Q: I don’t get where the html box comes into the system. What are you talking about. It makes no sense to me. How does this up sell people into more sales?

Ans: The HTML area will appear directly under the “content”. For example, if you’re teaching people how to cook with a video and you’re using a specific type of paring knife in the video, you could easily have an affiliate link or product link to the product so the viewer can buy the product you’re using in the video. This is one simple example but the possibilities are truly endless. Education is a GREAT way to sell to people and it’s why this technique is so effective.

Q: How old is this membership system?

Ans: The system has been “live” since 2009 and we’ve been building and improving it ever since. All the main features i.e. Drip Feed, etc were there from the beginning but we’ve refined and improved and added to the system each year. For Premium Web Cart / CloudNet360 improvement is a non-stop mission from our team of long term programmers.

Q: Is it Wishlist Alternative?

Ans: CloudNet360 system is a good Wishlist Member alternative when you are a “courseware” based membership site. Courseware is really the most popular type of membership business which is why we focused specifically on this niche.

Check out the recording for yourself and leave a comment below.

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Best Membership Software – Drip Feed your Content

Good membership site software will give you the ability time the release of the content, also known as “Drip Feed”, to give you the ability to better time the content delivery.

Great membership software has the advanced capability to drip every item of content out at a specific, and unique rate, so you can treat members differently based upon their chosen membership levels.

With the fully integrated membership software included with every CloudNet360 account, you can use the same membership site, with the same content, but still personalize the user experience based upon the membership level the customer has chosen and paid for.

But nothing stays the same in your business so we made sure that you can easily add, manage and update your content with our industry exclusive 1-page content manager that makes mass updates as easy as updating the data on a spreadsheet.

This makes adding membership levels to your site and assigning uniquely timed content to that specific membership level just as easy so always have the option of offering a lower cost option or a premium upgrade to the existing membership levels.

The CloudNet360 membership software isn’t just better because it’s easier for you to set up and manage, it’s better because it’s easier for your customers to understand with the logical and intuitive design and flow.

If your membership software isn’t this easy, or doesn’t allow you to create an unlimited number of membership sites with a simple “click of button”, then you need to try the best membership software ever made for information marketers.

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Best Membership Software – Upsell Trick

It’s no secret we love to see the users of CloudNet360 out sell and out earn their competitors using inferior systems and one of the easiest ways to do this is through a pervasive and systematic upselling methodology.

We literally provide upselling solutions everywhere including the membership software. It’s one of the ways that we ensure the CloudNet360 based membership sites are not only the easiest to set up, easiest to maintain, easiest for the end customer to use… but also the most profitable. Providing you with best membership site software is just one more way that we help you sell more… faster!

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Configurable “1st Screen” – Membership Software

What your customers see when they first log into your membership site can have a dramatic affect on their overall membership experience and this affects your retention rate.

Watch this video to learn how we’ve made this 1st screen highly configurable so you can optimize not only their 1st impression of your membership site but their follow on impression as well.

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Mass Content Manager – Membership Software

Small membership sites are easy to manage using any software but once you grow your content volume, it can be a real headache and time burn to manage your site… unless you’re using MPro that is!

With MPro, management of your videos, audios and written content is a snap and as easy as changing a spreadsheet because everything is listed on one page and easily changed with a “click-click-click” of a button.

The MPro membership software system is not simply free and included with your CloudNet360 account, it’s simply better!

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Mass Content Update Manager

Managing your content is easy when you first begin your online membership site, but as the years go by, and more and more content is added, it becomes progressively harder to manage and update the content on your site.

Unless you’re using Members Pro (Mpro) that is…

With our fully integrated membership site system, managing high volume content site is a breeze. While you can always manage individual content one at a time, when you need to make mass changes to multiple content items, you’re going to love our Mass Content Management system. Now you can make changes to your content as easily as if you were managing a list on a spreadsheet.

Yes, we make it that simple because we know how valuable your time is to the success of your business.

Just one more way CloudNet360 helps you sell more… faster!

Mass Content Mgr

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Members Pro (MPro) Gets a Facelift

When we first launched our integrated membership software, we were naturally leading the pack as the only solution that could bring it all together under 1 umbrella. And the style and UI were considered “state of the art” as well.

But then again, bell bottom jeans and bouffant hair styles were once considered pretty cool too (is it still cool to say “cool”???).

Over the last 2 years, we’ve really stuffed a ton of improvements and new features into the software but the look and feel were still rolling “old school”. It was definitely time to give the MPro hot rod a paint job worthy of the high octane horsepower we put under the hood.

We hope you like the new look and streamlined operation. The flow of the software is definitely better today than it was yesterday.

If you’re looking for the absolute best online membership software to power your “course-ware”, then look no further because nothing is easier for you to create and manage and nothing is more intuitive for your customers to use. Happy customers = less support and higher profits.


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