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Coupons – Product Specific for Maximum Conversions

Coupons are great for promoting sales and incentives but having the coupon code field on your order page when there is no coupon available is a proven way to lower your conversion rate.

The problem with showing a coupon code field is that it makes people think there might be a coupon code available. And if they think a code could save them money, they often leave in search of a code to use and then some folks will skip the purchase entirely because they do not want to pay full price without the benefit of the coupon code.

They have no way of knowing a code does not exist so in their mind they’re simply paying too much.

To solve this sales conversion killer, while still providing the opportunity to offer selective coupons, the CloudNet360 shopping cart allows you to make the coupon code field appear, or not appear, on a product-by-product basis.

If the product has a coupon available, the coupon form field will appear. But if there is no coupon offer for the product, the coupon field is not visible on the order page so you never lose a customer because they abandoned the cart in search of a coupon code for the purchase.

Simple logic and just as simple to implement with 1-click of a check box. Watch the video to learn how.

Just one more way that CloudNet360 helps you sell more… faster!

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Mobile Responsive Order Page

Having a “mobile responsive order page” has become the “new normal” online shopping cart order page that small businesses must demand from their sales automation software or face the very real scenario of losing orders from prospects using mobile devices.

But having a responsive order page with the extreme level of “point and click” configuration and customization like the one that comes with every CloudNet360 account is far beyond what you’ll find anywhere else. To be able to customize the user experience simply by selecting options from drop down windows or clicking on check boxes is not what you’ve likely experienced in the past.

This personalized level of customization has always been used by the industry “big boys”, and before now, it was always created in the back room by the uber-geeks that were able to hold the marketing folks hostage and forced them to wait for the “code to be released… but no more. Now it doesn’t matter whether you can even spell “HTML”, because all that complex coding is a relic of the past and you’ve entered into the realm where the sales and marketing people rule the roost.

But does that mean we don’t “love the geeks”?

Hardly! Remember that we’re “geeks” at heart but we just so happen to be “geeks that sell stuff”. And while we believe that powerful technology is truly only good when it’s easy, we’ll never forget that sometimes people still want to get their hands dirty in the “zeros and ones” and throw down their own code. So we have you covered here and make it easy to click on the “Advanced section” where you can write your own code and upload your own code to create something as crazy or unique as you like and make sure that you’re unlike everyone else.

No matter which options you choose, no matter how you configure your order page, its always going to remain fully responsive so it flows perfectly whether your customers are buying from you from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

Just one more what we help you Sell More… Faster!

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Special Offer – $29 Order Page Conversion

Convert My Products To The New Order Page – CLICK HERE NOW

We’ll convert your existing Order Page design from the old system to the new, mobile responsive, conversion optimized, order page.
Service Includes:

  • 1 Order Page Design
  • 30 Products linked to the new design
  • 15 Minute GoTo meeting to demonstrate and train
  • Order page conversion consulting
  • Upsell strategy analysis and implementation roadmap

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Mobile Responsive Websites Keep Google Happy

Mobile responsive, professionally designed, easy to manage and with a huge assortment of built in landing pages, it’s possible to need another website for your business… but why?

CloudNet360 provides each and every customer with a fully responsive website to ensure their organic SEO traffic is maximized whether their customers are trying to find them from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Does your current website do all this for you now?

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New Order Pages Questions Answered

This short video answers 3 of the most commonly asked questions about the new mobile responsive order page with all the built in abandoned cart recovery and customizable features.

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Why is the Email Field 1st on the New Mobile Responsive Order Page?

Yes, this new order page system is different than our other 3 systems, and it’s different than anything our competitors offer, but it’s “different” in very subtle ways to ensure you maximize your conversions but your customers are never confused.

Watch the short video to see why moving the email form field location can have such a dramatic affect on your sales.

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New Order Page System is **LIVE**

Order Page Alert-1280
I’m excited to inform you that the newest, latest, greatest, fully mobile responsive order page system is **live** and ready for you to start using immediately.

Of course, if this new order page system was “only” mobile responsive, I would not be this excited (since the previous mobile order page was really good as well)… but the real reason I’m so excited is because this new order page system truly takes our years of experience, your years of feedback, and combines it all together in one great order system!

I’m sure you’ve been watching all the preview videos but let me recap and summarize some of new, great, benefits you’re now able to utilize in your online business system:

~ Product Specific Branding – You’ve had this before but we’ve turned it up several notches by making the advanced integration features product specific as well.

~ Fully Mobile Responsive – Tying into the theme of product specific branding, this new mobile order checkout follows the look, feel, and branding of your product specific branding while also being fully mobile responsive.

~ Easier Management – The design library not only brings the advanced integration tools into the product specific designs, this design library also makes it soooooo much easier to manage a large volume of product specific branded products.

~ Video – Product specific videos can now be added to the order page to maximize conversion rates or to upsell additional products and services.

~ Customer Portal Access – This is now easily configured with a drop down window.

~ Custom “Call To Action” Buttons – Your color, your text, your choice.

~ Top Tool Bar – Configure it with your social media or just remove it altogether. Easily done via drop down window.

~ Special Messages Section – Customize your special section with the verbiage that fits your business and with the custom form fields you need.

~ Abandoned Cart Recovery – Not just 1, but 2 layers of abandoned cart recovery to help ensure that every visitor becomes a customer.

…and of course, the entire system is faster, more elegant, smarter and ready for the competitive rigors of ecommerce today and going forward into 2016.

Did I mention there’s even more to come? Whoops, I wasn’t supposed to reveal that yet, but I think you already knew this wasn’t the end because we never stop innovating and adding advanced capabilities to help you sell more… faster!

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Configurable “Special Messages” Section

Create custom form fields and then place them in your new configurable “Special Messages” section.

This rounds out the standard sections of the new order page system but is far from demonstrating the full capability. We’ll get to the abandoned cart recovery, html / CSS customization, and more!

It’s not enough to have a truly great CRM marketing system, it’s critical that you can close the deal with a great online shopping cart system after your CRM has done all the heavy lifting for you.

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Configurable “Call To Action” Button

Completing the order requires that the customer performs the one final action of submitting the order by clicking the final “call to action” button.

With the newest Mobile Responsive order form, you now have the ability to select your color, and customize your call to action, to maximize your conversions for your business.

Watch the short video to learn more:

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Customer Portal Configuration – New Order Page

The Customer Portal is an outstanding convenience for your customers and a powerful upselling tool for CloudNet360 merchants.

But sometimes you may not want to have the Customer Portal access displayed on your order page so we’ve now made this a configurable option for you.

Check out the short video for the details.

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