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CloudNet360 Feature Alert – Rebill Feature and Free Form Invoice

CloudNet360 Feature Alter

One of the simplest concept in business is the easier you make it for your customer to pay you money the more likely they are going to do so. And to make this concept in reality we have introduced the rebill feature and the free form invoice, so that all the CloudNet360 merchant can sell more..faster!

In this video, I demonstrate multiple easy way to rebill or create free form invoice for your customers so that they can pay you with a click of a button.

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SEO keyword research is simple

SEO keyword research is simple… when it’s not simple, there’s a really good chance it’s also worthless. Watch this short video to see how we use the included project manager and for a quick keyword research technique that anyone can use.

The real takeaway is that SEO is not “magical”, it’s a lot of work but when you follow simple rules and actually grind out the effort… then it works and you get to the 1st page!

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Boring = Success

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for topics for your blog / website / social media site, etc., then there’s a simple way for you to come up with more ideas for content creation than you can possibly manage:

Put down your phone, turn off the TV and just get a little BORED.

TV used to be the primary “time wasting” culprit because of the effect it had on the people wasting countless hours mindlessly sitting in front of the screen watching sitcoms and toilet paper commercials.

Next came the video game consoles and the “vidiots” who wasted even more time battling fake monsters and winning fake sporting events.

How can you convert your boredom into success


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the “smart phone” became part of mainstream America and took any semblance of intelligence and turned it into a series of pouty duck-lip and peace sign photos shared to entire networks of “friends”.

People have grown so accustomed to “consuming” bad content, they’ve forgotten how to “create” content, original thoughts, or simply intelligent conversation that doesn’t involve “swiping” the screen to something on their phone that someone else actually created and they “consumed”.

Take a break from all forms of media and let your creative juices flow.
Go out, take a walk and let mother nature be the fuel you consume to fire your imagination.

Your mind already has the all the ideas you could ever write about but you need to let them out. You need to stop blocking them with “noise” from other people’s content or distractions from other parts of your life or business.

Learn how to be bored for 15 minutes and you’ll never have a shortage of topics to write about.

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Video vs. Static Image

The hazard of using this style of video is that most often, people don’t know whether what you have posted is an image or a video.
It’s important that people understand that you are posting a video versus a static image.

Watch the video for a cool tip on how to overcome this:

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A Simple Technique to Boost Your Email Open Rate

An unopened email is worthless. You need a great subject line to entice your customers to open your email.

This video demonstrates in real life and real time what I spoke of previously in the email split test video.

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Coupons – Product Specific for Maximum Conversions

Coupons are great for promoting sales and incentives but having the coupon code field on your order page when there is no coupon available is a proven way to lower your conversion rate.

The problem with showing a coupon code field is that it makes people think there might be a coupon code available. And if they think a code could save them money, they often leave in search of a code to use and then some folks will skip the purchase entirely because they do not want to pay full price without the benefit of the coupon code.

They have no way of knowing a code does not exist so in their mind they’re simply paying too much.

To solve this sales conversion killer, while still providing the opportunity to offer selective coupons, the CloudNet360 shopping cart allows you to make the coupon code field appear, or not appear, on a product-by-product basis.

If the product has a coupon available, the coupon form field will appear. But if there is no coupon offer for the product, the coupon field is not visible on the order page so you never lose a customer because they abandoned the cart in search of a coupon code for the purchase.

Simple logic and just as simple to implement with 1-click of a check box. Watch the video to learn how.

Just one more way that CloudNet360 helps you sell more… faster!

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Automated W9 Management

We’ve all heard the old saying, “there are only 2 things guaranteed in life – Death & Taxes”.

But as a business owner, you know 1st hand that paying your taxes is only the tip of the tax burden iceberg because you also need to comply with a labyrinth of additional form filings and regulations.

It’s those sneaky “hidden costs” of IRS compliance that can really add up in both time and money (especially when you screw something up).

And one of the biggest headaches online merchants suffer with is the W9 management and ensuring that every affiliate you pay has an up-to-date W9 completed and on file. Making a mistake here can be extremely expensive as you’re responsible for paying the taxes for your affiliates if you don’t manage this correctly.

But you know, at CloudNet360, we’re not the type to leave our merchants hanging and let them suffer with the difficult management burden without coming up with an ingenious solution that allows you to remove this hassle from your “to do” list.

Here’s how we solved this problem for you.

1. Affiliate Signup – We allow your affiliates to sign up and start selling your products without hassling them for a W9. After all, the more obstacles you place in front of an affiliate, the less likely they are to actually sell for you.

2. Affiliate Sales Success – Once your affiliate successfully sells your product, and you now owe them commission, they will receive a W9 request message every time they log into their affiliate account.This message will inform them that they have money waiting to be paid to them so they are now very motivated to get that W9 into your hands.

The message also provides them with explicit instructions on how you want the W9 delivered along with a “quick link” to the W9 form (we make it as foolproof as possible to ensure this gets done).

3. Submission Completion – Once the W9 is safely in your hands, you can click a check box for that affiliate and tell PWC that you have the completed form. This will stop the message from appearing in their account.

4. Affiliate Payment – When paying your affiliates using our “Affiliate Easy Pay” system, you have the option of only paying affiliates with W9 forms on file (highly recommended).

Now you have your affiliate W9 management system covered from sign up to commission payment …could it get any easier or well thought out than this? An easy online shopping cart doesn’t have to be a “basic shopping cart” and you don’t need to settle when you can use a More than a cart, it’s a complete marketing solution.

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Best Autoresponder Software Choice?

Best AutoresponderChoosing between a good affiliate program or the best autoresponder service is like having to choose between a having arms or having legs.

You really want both arms and legs and you really want to have killer autoresponder software and a great affiliate program as part of your online business model. Both contribute significant revenue streams you simply cannot hope to attain without them.

So we often get the question of why we offer only 1 affiliate program but give our merchants 6 autoresponders from which to choose. For the sake of brevity, I’ll answer the affiliate program issue in a later post and focus on the best autoresponder choices for now.

Let me first outline the six basic options and then I’ll explain why we have them all. Keep in mind that every autoresponder option listed below is already seamlessly integrated into and gives you product specific control and automation.

1. CRM & Autoresponder Integrated – autoresponder functionality is “built in” and is an integral part of the CloudNet360 CRM. Using the CRM and built in autoresponder provides the ultimate level of power and automation.

2. PremiumAR – Our autoresponder system built in partnership with Aweber so it basically works identically to Aweber. The advantage to using PremiumAR over Aweber is that your eBusiness Advisor will be able to provide additional direct support for this account. When you use Aweber, you’ll need to utilize their support people for all autoresponder related issues.

3. Aweber

4. iContact

5. Get Response

6. Mailchimp

So what’s the easy autoresponder software choice for your online shopping cart?

That’s precisely the point of CloudNet360 giving you so many options. There is no “1 best choice” for everyone so we give you 6 options to choose from and let you decide which is the best autoresponder for you and your business.

I have a personal favorite of course (I’m just a tiny bit biased) but I’m also a realist. If you have a giant list somewhere and don’t want to move it, you shouldn’t have to just because you want to use an alternative to 1shoppingcart or any of the other online shopping cart options.

We give you the freedom to choose and not have to worry about moving your email marketing list. After all, it’s your business so we let your choice of autoresponder remain your choice to make.

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Exciting, New, “Selectable Recurring Billing” Feature

It’s true that we crank out an amazing amount of new features each month. Sometimes too many to even keep up with!

Some features are intended to make the system easier, some features add automation, some features put more cash in your pocket and then there’s the occasional new feature that does all of the above …plus more!

These are the features that truly gets a marketing maven excited to be in this industry and provides the motivation to wake up before the rest of the world each day. I’m excited just being able to announce this!

Today I want you to put away the “work arounds”, the clunky sales flows, and the “just can’t be done’s” because today you have the new, Selectable Recurring Billing capability included in your CloudNet360 online shopping cart.

Watch this short video to learn what it can do for you and discover how easily this exciting new feature can be implemented into your sales flow today.

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A Niche Marketing Technique That’s Not All “Right”


Yes, it’s a bad pun… but it’s an important online marketing concept in the business plans of so many “name brand” and well known marketing heroes.

Niche marketing is never really about finding some tiny sliver of business that nobody else wants, it’s really about connecting strongly with your customer base. Being able to design an entire sales process around a topic that will be instantly identified by your target market is “niche marketing”… regardless of the size of the market.

For example, Burger King is a “niche marketer” because their customer base can readily identify with what they will receive as soon as they walk in the door of the restaurant. If you want a “burger”, going to “Burger King” is likely going to be a good place to start and you’ll instantly know this by their name alone.

Adding the “flame broiled” aspect of their burgers further defines their niche in the burger business but simply by choosing the name “Burger King”, they clearly decided what business they were in and who they want as customers.

Will Burger King attract people that want Sushi, Italian, or Pizza? No, but they don’t care.

They could have easily named their restaurants “Family Diner” to appeal to everyone but they would have lost their core customer base of burger lovers. By trying to appeal to everyone, they would have attracted no one.

While vacationing in Disney with the family, I ran across this niche business that seems to be doing alright even though they don’t do anything “right”.

Have a chat with CloudNet360’s e-Business advisor to sell more… faster!

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