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Back to Our Roots

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Whew! We’ve come a really loooooonnng way and we’re down to the last 5 tasks before launching.

1,643 individual tasks and 248 files… just a small project we did “on the side” as a special interest / marketing project to highlight the capabilities of CloudNet360.

From this little experiment, there are 2 really important “takeaways”:

  1. No Small Projects – They always expand in scope and size so start with the right process from the beginning.
  2. The CloudNet360 Project Manager Rocks!

Of course we’re biased but we’ve used all the other “popular” project management software on the market before we decided to build our own. The bottom line is that nobody focuses on the needs and workflow of the small business owners like CloudNet360 because no other business system has ever been created in the way CloudNet360 was created.

You’ll never find another software company that started out basically in the same business you’re in today and then morphed into a business automation system solely from the need to sell more of what you’re already selling today.

Maybe more importantly, we’ve continued to use the exact same system day-in and day-out to run, market and grow our business using our tools so we know just what you experience and can therefore work on improving it so we can sell more… so you can sell more.

But back to the new product we created.

To get back to the roots of using our system like a brand new customer, we became a brand new customer ourselves and then built a new product from scratch to emulate exactly what it’s like to be you.

Not only did this help us improve the CloudNet360 system with over 161 system improvements and new features, it also gave us a brand new software product to offer to the public called

This new software product targets an entirely different market i.e. club and high school level soccer players, soccer parents, and soccer coaches so it will not be part of CloudNet360 but that was the original point. To create a business “using” CloudNet360 but not “part” of CloudNet360… just like you use the software.

June 17, 2016 and we’re finally down to the last 5 tasks to launch this product and take it global. It’s been a long ride with unexpected delays, cost overruns, surprise obstacles and many extra hours of weekend and night work to ensure we did not interfere with our “day jobs”.

Sound familiar?

I bet it does.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Are you suffering from the “which spreadsheet do you have” syndrome?

Staying organized does require a little more up front effort but the payoff on the backend is massive in proportion.

Not only will you and your team work faster, you’ll waste far less time searching through old emails and resending the same information to the same people over and over.

Because that’s the crux of the business, not only do you need to keep yourself organized, you need to keep everyone else organized as well.

Having an easy to use project manager that keeps your business on the right track will mean the difference between working late another night or making it home for the family dinner. And who wouldn’t rather be spending time with your kids instead of wasting time searching through papers on your desk and files in your computer.

Isn’t it time you got organized? After all, the Project Manager is already included free of charge with your online small business software so go ahead and start using it today!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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