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Scheduling & Billing Integration – #1 Benefit

You need to ask yourself if you’re a coach & consultant or are you a “bill collector”?

If you’re not a “bill collector”, then why are you wasting time and putting yourself in an uncomfortable position chasing your clients down for their money?

With the automated, online scheduling system built into Cloudnet360, you’ll never need to chase after your money or risk damaging a long term relationship because all this billing is done automatically and in the background so you get to focus 100% of your time and attention on what you do best.

If you hate the drudgery and relationship altering headache of chasing clients for money, then watch this video to learn about a better, easier, way.

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Scheduling Product Video – *Plus a Free Gift

1st in the series of “morning coffee conversation videos”, this Scheduling Product video will teach you about a powerful feature and a simple strategy to earning more money with your coaching & consulting business.

The tricky thing about this feature is that nobody else even has it so you’re probably not quite sure what to do with it. This video may lack the professional “polish” that we like to put in our real training tutorials but the quality of information is 100% USDA Prime.

And remember, if you’re one of the 1st three (3) people to post a comment about this video on our CloudNet360 facebook page, you’ll receive a free gift delivered right to your door.

Obviously the 1st person gets the best gift… early bird, worms, and all that – you get it.

When you’re ready for a CRM that’s “Email Easy” … then take CloudNet360 for a test drive!

Watch the video now for the details of how to get the gift.

PS Remember, the 1st three people to leave a comment on facebook – win a free gift instantly.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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