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CloudNet360 Feature Alert – Rebill Feature and Free Form Invoice

CloudNet360 Feature Alter

One of the simplest concept in business is the easier you make it for your customer to pay you money the more likely they are going to do so. And to make this concept in reality we have introduced the rebill feature and the free form invoice, so that all the CloudNet360 merchant can sell more..faster!

In this video, I demonstrate multiple easy way to rebill or create free form invoice for your customers so that they can pay you with a click of a button.

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A Simple Technique to Boost Your Email Open Rate

An unopened email is worthless. You need a great subject line to entice your customers to open your email.

This video demonstrates in real life and real time what I spoke of previously in the email split test video.

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Discover More About Subject Line Split Testing

If you are not using this, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.
Split testing is something everyone knows they should do, but the reality is almost nobody is doing it.
Did you know how easy it is to split test your email when using CloudNet360?

Check out this video to see how drop dead easy it is to literally double, or more, your open rates.

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Back to Our Roots

Last 5 Tasks Image

Whew! We’ve come a really loooooonnng way and we’re down to the last 5 tasks before launching.

1,643 individual tasks and 248 files… just a small project we did “on the side” as a special interest / marketing project to highlight the capabilities of CloudNet360.

From this little experiment, there are 2 really important “takeaways”:

  1. No Small Projects – They always expand in scope and size so start with the right process from the beginning.
  2. The CloudNet360 Project Manager Rocks!

Of course we’re biased but we’ve used all the other “popular” project management software on the market before we decided to build our own. The bottom line is that nobody focuses on the needs and workflow of the small business owners like CloudNet360 because no other business system has ever been created in the way CloudNet360 was created.

You’ll never find another software company that started out basically in the same business you’re in today and then morphed into a business automation system solely from the need to sell more of what you’re already selling today.

Maybe more importantly, we’ve continued to use the exact same system day-in and day-out to run, market and grow our business using our tools so we know just what you experience and can therefore work on improving it so we can sell more… so you can sell more.

But back to the new product we created.

To get back to the roots of using our system like a brand new customer, we became a brand new customer ourselves and then built a new product from scratch to emulate exactly what it’s like to be you.

Not only did this help us improve the CloudNet360 system with over 161 system improvements and new features, it also gave us a brand new software product to offer to the public called

This new software product targets an entirely different market i.e. club and high school level soccer players, soccer parents, and soccer coaches so it will not be part of CloudNet360 but that was the original point. To create a business “using” CloudNet360 but not “part” of CloudNet360… just like you use the software.

June 17, 2016 and we’re finally down to the last 5 tasks to launch this product and take it global. It’s been a long ride with unexpected delays, cost overruns, surprise obstacles and many extra hours of weekend and night work to ensure we did not interfere with our “day jobs”.

Sound familiar?

I bet it does.

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Exciting, New, “Selectable Recurring Billing” Feature

It’s true that we crank out an amazing amount of new features each month. Sometimes too many to even keep up with!

Some features are intended to make the system easier, some features add automation, some features put more cash in your pocket and then there’s the occasional new feature that does all of the above …plus more!

These are the features that truly gets a marketing maven excited to be in this industry and provides the motivation to wake up before the rest of the world each day. I’m excited just being able to announce this!

Today I want you to put away the “work arounds”, the clunky sales flows, and the “just can’t be done’s” because today you have the new, Selectable Recurring Billing capability included in your CloudNet360 online shopping cart.

Watch this short video to learn what it can do for you and discover how easily this exciting new feature can be implemented into your sales flow today.

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A “New Kajabi Competitor?”

Being a “New Kajabi competitor” is nothing new to CloudNet360… in this competitive market, we have many competitors today, many competitors have come and gone already, and more are sure to be following.

In many ways, the competitors we’ve faced in the last 10-years have made us what we are today. Because we’ve needed to run faster, be more innovative, and find creative ways to help our customers sell more… along with becoming easier to use, these tough competitors have actually insulated use from new competitors like Kajabi.

Not that the New Kajabi isn’t a good system or a good competitor, it’s just that CloudNet360 is better. Kajabi has a long way to go to catch up with all the daily and weekly improvements that we’ve incorporated over the last decade of tough, good competitor just like the new Kajabi.

We’ll keep an eye on Kajabi, but we’re going to keep doing what we do best and keep improving and refining what we have so by the time the New Kajabi catches up to where CloudNet360 is today, we’ll be far ahead and looking back at this point in time as a distant memory.

CloudNet360, helping you Sell More… Faster!

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Why is the Email Field 1st on the New Mobile Responsive Order Page?

Yes, this new order page system is different than our other 3 systems, and it’s different than anything our competitors offer, but it’s “different” in very subtle ways to ensure you maximize your conversions but your customers are never confused.

Watch the short video to see why moving the email form field location can have such a dramatic affect on your sales.

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New Order Page System is **LIVE**

Order Page Alert-1280
I’m excited to inform you that the newest, latest, greatest, fully mobile responsive order page system is **live** and ready for you to start using immediately.

Of course, if this new order page system was “only” mobile responsive, I would not be this excited (since the previous mobile order page was really good as well)… but the real reason I’m so excited is because this new order page system truly takes our years of experience, your years of feedback, and combines it all together in one great order system!

I’m sure you’ve been watching all the preview videos but let me recap and summarize some of new, great, benefits you’re now able to utilize in your online business system:

~ Product Specific Branding – You’ve had this before but we’ve turned it up several notches by making the advanced integration features product specific as well.

~ Fully Mobile Responsive – Tying into the theme of product specific branding, this new mobile order checkout follows the look, feel, and branding of your product specific branding while also being fully mobile responsive.

~ Easier Management – The design library not only brings the advanced integration tools into the product specific designs, this design library also makes it soooooo much easier to manage a large volume of product specific branded products.

~ Video – Product specific videos can now be added to the order page to maximize conversion rates or to upsell additional products and services.

~ Customer Portal Access – This is now easily configured with a drop down window.

~ Custom “Call To Action” Buttons – Your color, your text, your choice.

~ Top Tool Bar – Configure it with your social media or just remove it altogether. Easily done via drop down window.

~ Special Messages Section – Customize your special section with the verbiage that fits your business and with the custom form fields you need.

~ Abandoned Cart Recovery – Not just 1, but 2 layers of abandoned cart recovery to help ensure that every visitor becomes a customer.

…and of course, the entire system is faster, more elegant, smarter and ready for the competitive rigors of ecommerce today and going forward into 2016.

Did I mention there’s even more to come? Whoops, I wasn’t supposed to reveal that yet, but I think you already knew this wasn’t the end because we never stop innovating and adding advanced capabilities to help you sell more… faster!

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New, Advanced, Responsive, Order Page

Sometimes software is like going on a camping trip with 4 good friends.

Packing your “stuff” fits neatly and easily into the back of the truck, and adding your friend’s “stuff” at his house goes pretty smoothly too.

But once you get to the last friend’s house, adding his “stuff” to the load requires a little more brute force and a few “quick, slam it shuts”.

Eventually, you simply need to take everything out of the truck, lay it all out on the driveway, and repack it to optimize the space utilization.

With software, it’s the accumulation of “features” instead of “stuff” but the concept is mostly the same with the main difference being that with software, you also get to “shrink” all that “stuff” down and throw out redundant items (don’t try this with camping gear or all 5 of you will be sleeping in one sleeping bag).

In the case of the order form, we’re moving from 5 order forms to 1 order form that has all the power, flexibility and features of the previous 5 order forms.

In fact, we’ve gone a few steps better and added things to this order form we simply did not have before.

Watch the videos to learn more about this amazing new order form and how it will help your business immediately.

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