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Discover More About Subject Line Split Testing

If you are not using this, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.
Split testing is something everyone knows they should do, but the reality is almost nobody is doing it.
Did you know how easy it is to split test your email when using CloudNet360?

Check out this video to see how drop dead easy it is to literally double, or more, your open rates.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Video – The New “Secret Sauce” for Selling

Selling with video and through video is a great way to sell more, improve conversions and draw your audience deeper into your message.

Video marketing gives you the platform favored by today’s audience and they reward you by taking the actions you most want them to take.

If you’re not using video, this video will show you the simple steps needed to get started and trust me… these are so simple that there’s no excuse for not getting your first video completed and live today.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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The “Super Starter” Business Package – What Is It?

If you’re as confused as our competitors are about this amazingly cheap, yet amazingly powerful, business automation system, then invest 3:17 into your new business and watch this video.

You’ll quickly discover that CloudNet360 versus Infusionsoft or CloudNet360 versus Ontraport or CloudNet360 versus GreenRope or… well, I think you get it, CloudNet360 versus all these others is really no match at all.

When you’re looking for a true all-in-one business automation system for your business, there really is no competitor and at any price… and when you compare the CloudNet360 Super Starter package to anything, it’s a compete blowout!

I would really hate to be a commissioned sales person for these other guys right now.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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CRM Content Library – Leverage All Your Content

Combining your unique Profiles along with your unique Content that you’ll store centrally in your Content Library provides you with an amazing way to leverage 1 piece of content across all your applications, across all your brands, and across all your staff.

Just imagine the workload reduction when you can take 1 professionally written email and use it for all 6 of your sales people (or more… it’s unlimited in scope) instead of having each sales person create and manage their own content. Even if you do it the “old way” via copy and paste, you’re still forced to manage, sync, maintain a mountain of content.

The Content Library solves all those problems for you.

Write one email, and everyone instantly has new, personalize, and customized, content readily available for their use. Truly a game changing way of working smarter, not harder.

And remember, 1 email from the Content Library can be used:

  • In a Newsletter Broadcast
  • In an Autoresponder sequence
  • As an individual email sent to 1 person
  • All of the Above
  • Any of the Above

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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New Design Library – Product Specific Mass Branding

While CloudNet360 always allowed you to run multiple businesses from only 1 account and have individual, product specific, branding across your entire product / business portfolio, it’s just never been as easy to implement and manage until now.

The new design library that comes with the newest order page system combines all of our best customization from all of our existing order pages and then evolves a step further.

Check out this short video to learn how.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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1 Time Use Coupons

There’s nothing worse than landing a new customer with a special, aggressive, trial offer just to watch them abuse the program and use the coupon over and over and over… sigh, frustrating!

But now you’re able to offer aggressive trial offers but then limit each customer to the specific number of uses you desire (1 or more) for the coupon to prevent this nightmare scenario from taking place and forcing you to reject orders.

Watch the short video to learn more.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Members Pro (MPro) Gets a Facelift

When we first launched our integrated membership software, we were naturally leading the pack as the only solution that could bring it all together under 1 umbrella. And the style and UI were considered “state of the art” as well.

But then again, bell bottom jeans and bouffant hair styles were once considered pretty cool too (is it still cool to say “cool”???).

Over the last 2 years, we’ve really stuffed a ton of improvements and new features into the software but the look and feel were still rolling “old school”. It was definitely time to give the MPro hot rod a paint job worthy of the high octane horsepower we put under the hood.

We hope you like the new look and streamlined operation. The flow of the software is definitely better today than it was yesterday.

If you’re looking for the absolute best online membership software to power your “course-ware”, then look no further because nothing is easier for you to create and manage and nothing is more intuitive for your customers to use. Happy customers = less support and higher profits.


Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Did Apple Really Copy CloudNet360?

What’s the secret Apple “sauce” that has Apple “fan boys” lining up for days in advance of a product release?


Fortunately for Apple, there seems to be a number of trigger points that gets their fans salivating over a 2 ounce weight reduction on an iPad.

Which kind of makes you wonder how physically emaciated these iPad owners must be if they’re so exhausted from carrying their iPads around that 2-ounces is really going to be the make-or-break weight that gets them over the hump and through the day.

But that’s another topic I suppose.

For me, I’m neither a “fan boy” nor am I an Apple hater. I’m one of those rare creatures that actually use both Apple products and PC products daily for time wasting recreation and time saving, productive, work. And I really like specific features and benefits that both product lines have to offer.

In fact, I’ve written this missive on a Surface2 tablet, with the auxiliary keyboard, because I like the “real” keyboard feel and speed combined with the screen layout of the Surface2 versus the virtual keyboard of an iPad.

I also like the convenience of simply grabbing a tablet when the mood strikes me and moving to the solitude of not looking at my distracting MacBook Pro in the office with all the distractions of instant notifications, email, and other voices in the background. I write better in the break room at a table with a steamy hot cup of coffee.

I also find the 3rd party software is usually better on a PC than a Mac so there are multiple functional reasons I use both platforms daily.

But… and here’s the big but… but I always end up back into the iPad, MacBook Pro, iPhone 6 and iMac family for 1 simple reason.

They all work together.

One thing I absolutely love is the ability to copy information, like an address, from the browser of my MacBook and paste it into a Note and then have this Note magically appear on my iPhone.

I use this simple feature all the time and cannot live without it anymore!

Could I just email this to an Android or Windows phone? Of course I could… I just don’t want to.

And there’s likely an “app” I could download for an Android phone to replicate this convenient functionality or “rules” I could set up in Outlook… but I just don’t want to.

I don’t want “connect” things, or “configure” things… I have other things to do like actually using the tools I bought.

Apple just makes all these functions work together in a very easy to use, convenient manner, and I don’t know, nor do I care, if I can “set this up” with an Android or Windows environment. I just don’t want to!

When Apple haters criticize the lack of new features in the Apple platform, they’re not seeing the immense value that Apple is providing by including everything I need under 1 umbrella, connecting it all together, and making it all work as one cohesive system.

There will always be the 1% of the population that has endless hours to research, configure, maintain and then brag about their technical marvel of assembly but that’s never going to be an audience that appreciates the power of the pre-packaged system no matter how great it works “out of the box”.

This is where CloudNet360 comes in.

The CloudNet360 business automation system simply works. It brings all the pieces I need together into one easy to use system so you don’t need to construct a Frankenstein puzzle with a multitude of separate business applications.

I already have all these critical business tools included, integrated, and all working as one cohesive system:

  • Website builder and CMS (content management system)
  • Squeeze Page and Offer Templates
  • CRM / Autoresponder
  • Scheduling & Billing system
  • Membership system
  • Project Manager
  • Shopping Cart
  • Affiliate System
  • One Click UpSell System
  • Live Chat
  • Click to Call
  • Ticket Support System

Sure, I could “build” this same system with separate apps.

I could use TimeTrade for scheduling coaching events, and appointments, and Leadpages to build squeeze pages, and WordPress for a website, and Wishlist for a membership site, and Basecamp for a project manager, and Liveperson for live chat, and ZenDesk for ticket support, and 1Shoppingcart for a shopping cart, and MailChimp for an auto responder, and GoMoxie for click to call, and then hire a consultant in place of the CloudNet360 e-Business Advisor.

I could “connect” them all via API, sure… but they will never be truly integrated in the same manner that CloudNet360 is fully integrated. None of these “Frankenstein” systems would truly “talk” to each other the way CloudNet360 works as 1 big, happy family.

Take your 30-Day Trial today and discover the freedom of true system integration.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Optin Test


Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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