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Video vs. Static Image

The hazard of using this style of video is that most often, people don’t know whether what you have posted is an image or a video.
It’s important that people understand that you are posting a video versus a static image.

Watch the video for a cool tip on how to overcome this:

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Exciting, New, “Selectable Recurring Billing” Feature

It’s true that we crank out an amazing amount of new features each month. Sometimes too many to even keep up with!

Some features are intended to make the system easier, some features add automation, some features put more cash in your pocket and then there’s the occasional new feature that does all of the above …plus more!

These are the features that truly gets a marketing maven excited to be in this industry and provides the motivation to wake up before the rest of the world each day. I’m excited just being able to announce this!

Today I want you to put away the “work arounds”, the clunky sales flows, and the “just can’t be done’s” because today you have the new, Selectable Recurring Billing capability included in your CloudNet360 online shopping cart.

Watch this short video to learn what it can do for you and discover how easily this exciting new feature can be implemented into your sales flow today.

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The “do nothing” Fulfillment Center

If you listen to the news at all, you hear the President complaining about our “do nothing Congress”.

And not to get started on anything political, it just always makes me laugh a little as that’s what we call the CloudNet360 Fulfillment center; the “do nothing fulfillment service”.

But instead of this title being thrown at the crew in the warehouse as a negative insult, as it is with the Congress, our guys grab onto this “do nothing” title with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Deservedly so, because when we refer to “do nothing”, we’re talking about what our customers need to do when they run their fulfillment requirements through our services division.

Here’s what our customers don’t do (because we do it for them):

  • Don’t send order notifications
  • Don’t figure out complex API integrations
  • Don’t download CSV files daily
  • Don’t email new orders
  • Don’t worry about orders getting lost to email filters
  • Don’t burn or print CD/DVD’s
  • Don’t print their e-books
  • Don’t worry about inventory management
  • Don’t worry about return / refunds

… and they certainly don’t think about how their business is going to operate while they’re sitting on the beach enjoying their vacation.

When you use CloudNet360 for your fulfillment of CD, DVD, Printing and / or warehousing of your physical products, all you ever do is “click a check box” to designate that a product requires fulfillment and every order thereafter is on 100% autopilot.

Working with a “do nothing” partner never made your life this easy before.

Tom Reed
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Call me @1-888-388-1815

PS If you’re strictly a “digital products” markerter today, give me a call and I’ll show you how easy it is to add an additional revenue stream and reduce your refund rate at the same time.

This is the biggest “no brainer, I’m leaving money on the table and not giving my customers what they want” mistake even the biggest info marketers make every day because they don’t want the hassle of physical product fulfillment… are you making this mistake too?

If you are, then follow Bob Newhart’s advice and “Stop It” and start making more money with our fulfillment services today.

Not sure who Bob Newhart is? Then watch this short video of the master in action.

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A Niche Marketing Technique That’s Not All “Right”


Yes, it’s a bad pun… but it’s an important online marketing concept in the business plans of so many “name brand” and well known marketing heroes.

Niche marketing is never really about finding some tiny sliver of business that nobody else wants, it’s really about connecting strongly with your customer base. Being able to design an entire sales process around a topic that will be instantly identified by your target market is “niche marketing”… regardless of the size of the market.

For example, Burger King is a “niche marketer” because their customer base can readily identify with what they will receive as soon as they walk in the door of the restaurant. If you want a “burger”, going to “Burger King” is likely going to be a good place to start and you’ll instantly know this by their name alone.

Adding the “flame broiled” aspect of their burgers further defines their niche in the burger business but simply by choosing the name “Burger King”, they clearly decided what business they were in and who they want as customers.

Will Burger King attract people that want Sushi, Italian, or Pizza? No, but they don’t care.

They could have easily named their restaurants “Family Diner” to appeal to everyone but they would have lost their core customer base of burger lovers. By trying to appeal to everyone, they would have attracted no one.

While vacationing in Disney with the family, I ran across this niche business that seems to be doing alright even though they don’t do anything “right”.

Have a chat with CloudNet360’s e-Business advisor to sell more… faster!

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Learn How an e-Business Advisor Will Transform Your Business

Having an e-Business Advisor is like having a trusted friend working by your side pushing the success of your online business forward each and every day. And like a loyal friend, you’ll be able to call your e-Business Advisor directly any time you need a helping hand or a bit of advice to increase your sales day after day and week after week.

This level of customer consulting and customer support would be considered “extreme” by our competitors but we believe it’s good business for you and in turn good business for us. Because the only way a customer remains a long term customer is when they’re a profitable customer.

The mission of your e-Business Advisor will be maximizing your sales and profits so you stick around for a really, long, long time!

Check out the e-Business Advisor video to learn what they can do for you today!

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Don’t Make This Mistake When Choosing Contractors

Choosing the right contractors when outsourcing your project is the #1 way to fail or succeed.

No amount of time, effort, or money is going to fix a bad choice so it’s critical that you eliminate, or at least minimize the damage that a bad contractor selection can carry into your business.

Throughout the years, I’ve personally hired service contractors from every skill set and from every region of the world… and no matter how many things change, there’s always 1 things that remains the same.

Watch this short video to learn how I select a contractor and then work in a very specific manner to ensure my projects come in on time and under budget.

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Virtual Assistant Program

Virtual Assistant program at CloudNet360.comWhen it comes to managing customers, leads, and web marketing overall, some business owners prefer to do all the work themselves while others pay employees. In between is a broad grey area that involves paying for help on the outside. These 3rd party helpers are often called Virtual Assistants (or VAs).

What’s better than finding, recruiting and paying a virtual assistant to manage your CloudNet360 account? The answer is simple: NOT having to worry about finding and recruiting (and training) a virtual assistant to learn your CloudNet360 setup and how the system works!

Benefits of the CloudNet360 Virtual Assistant Program

There are many benefits to our virtual assistant program options, including:

  • Consistency – Work with the same contact every time you call, email or Skype chat so you really get to know the person working for you and that person really gets to know your business.
  • Save Time – Since you don’t have to train the person every time you need something, tasks get accomplished much faster.
  • Unmatched Quality – Since our VA staff works in our office in Chicago, they are hired, trained and monitored by senior management of the company.
  • Save Money – No health benefits for you to pay. No paid vacations.
  • Peace of Mind – Spend more time on building your business knowing your system is in good hands.

What Services Can a CloudNet360 Virtual Assistant Pro Help You With?

Your CloudNet360 VA is your main day-to-day contact, implementer and support tech. Beyond that one person is the full staff of implementation, support, marketing, and even programming. Our combined skills are a bit much to add to a single page, but can be summarized in this list:

  • Storefront and Website creation and maintenance
  • Opt-in Forms
  • Upsell Pages
  • Custom Order Pages
  • Sales Paths
  • Surveys
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Recurring Billing Profiles
  • Gateway Integration and Merchant Account Troubleshooting
  • Membership Site
  • Affiliate Management
  • Scheduling Setup
  • Records Importing/Exporting
  • Squeeze page creation
  • Custom email templates
  • Project Management
  • Auto-Responders

Our CloudNet360 Virtual Assistant Programs Defined

Here are the three levels of virtual assistants to help you manage your CloudNet360 program. We call them CVA programs, which stands for CloudNet360 Virtual Assistants. Here are the three levels described below:

CVA-1: $750/Month

This entry level is a great way for business owners with a need for a few hours a week worth of help. We base this number on an average of 4-6 hours per week or 20 hours per month, adjusted quarterly.

CVA-2: $1250/Month

The CVA-2 level is considered moderate use where the CVA’s time spent on your account averages ten (8-12) hours per week or 40 hours per month, adjusted quarterly.

CVA-3: $2,000/Month

The CVA-3 level is available for established users who are actively sending email broadcasts, adding new products, and need help with routine posting of content such as a few blog posts per week and even interaction with customers to process product sale returns or increases in membership level. The CVA-3 is based on 18-22 hours per week or 80 hours per month, adjusted quarterly.

Choose from any of the three levels and upgrade as needed. We require a one-year signed commitment for you to engage with any of our virtual assistants.

Contact us at 888-388-1815 for details and next steps.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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