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Selling with Video

Check out this video and then join us for the

wedinar using the webinar links below.

Reserve 30-minutes for juicy info you can use

Date: Wednesday April 26 **TODAY**
Time: 11:00 AM – Eastern (New York)
10:00 AM Central (Chicago)
9:00 AM Mountain (Denver)
8:00 AM Pacific (San Francisco)

Here’s the Link – Click This April 26 (no opt-in required)


Tom Reed

PS Some of you have already been our our live
webinars so you know it’s all content and no “pitch fest”.

This is lesson #1 – you don’t need to sell but people
will still buy from you if you give them good stuff. We don’t
pitch CloudNet360 at all but we always get sales from
these webinars anyhow.

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Create Your Fully Featured Membership Site Within 15 Minutes

**Webinar Recording** Product Jam – 15-Minute Membership Site

The Webinar is done, recorded, and “in the can”…

I could tell whether Marty & Gary hit the mission goals, but what would be the fun in that?

Some frequently asked questions along with their answers, during The Webinar Jam Session, has been listed below:

Q: Does this member ship software have a timed release of content so I can keep my members in my program longer? For example, can I time the content so each week the members get to view 1 new video?

Ans: Yes, it does exactly what you’re talking about and more since you can have a timed release (drip feed) set for each membership level. So Gold members may receive the content faster than Silver members or you can set them to all drip out at the same rate.

Q: This looks easy. Lets me focus on the content instead of wasting all my time building a website. I hope this is truly point and click simple like you claim.

Ans: Yes it is. The most difficult part of building the Membership Site is selecting what graphics to use in your design and, of course, content creation.

Q: I don’t like systems where I don’t have access to the source code so I can add my own code and customize things with my own hand written script. You didn’t talk about custom coding so I assume this system is not compatible with custom code. If I’m wrong, tell me how I do it and what language I need to use.

Ans: We did not cover the advanced CSS sections because most people want to “keep it simple”, create their branding, and then focus on the content and sales.The system has been optimized for “courseware” and if you’re using it for this purpose, you’ll love it but using it for other purposes can create a “square peg” versus a “round hole” scenario.

Q: Is this WordPress compatible?

Ans: Yes, it’s compatible with any website system.

Q: I can’t figure out how to build separate pages from this video? How do I present multiple categories of my videos?

Ans: You do not “build pages”, all you do is create “categories” and “sub-categories” using the built-in top slider and left side menu.

Q: I don’t get where the html box comes into the system. What are you talking about. It makes no sense to me. How does this up sell people into more sales?

Ans: The HTML area will appear directly under the “content”. For example, if you’re teaching people how to cook with a video and you’re using a specific type of paring knife in the video, you could easily have an affiliate link or product link to the product so the viewer can buy the product you’re using in the video. This is one simple example but the possibilities are truly endless. Education is a GREAT way to sell to people and it’s why this technique is so effective.

Q: How old is this membership system?

Ans: The system has been “live” since 2009 and we’ve been building and improving it ever since. All the main features i.e. Drip Feed, etc were there from the beginning but we’ve refined and improved and added to the system each year. For Premium Web Cart / CloudNet360 improvement is a non-stop mission from our team of long term programmers.

Q: Is it Wishlist Alternative?

Ans: CloudNet360 system is a good Wishlist Member alternative when you are a “courseware” based membership site. Courseware is really the most popular type of membership business which is why we focused specifically on this niche.

Check out the recording for yourself and leave a comment below.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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BOOK JAM Webinar Featuring Judith Briles

Book Jam Webinar featuring Judith Briles Book Publishing Expert
You’ve probably known for years that writing a book is one of the fastest ways to elevate your status as the recognized expert in your field. But who has the time?

Join us this Thursday morning, April 16 (11am Eastern, 10am Central, 9am Mountain, 8am Pacific) as our CloudNet360 webinar series continues.

As always, the webinar will be just 30 minutes JAM-packed with content you can start using right after the call. Allow 15 minutes additional for questions.

We will feature special guest, and CloudNet360 customer and book publishing expert, Judith Briles, to show us exactly how she produced an eBook from start to finish in under 2 hours.

And, she didn’t even write the content for the book!

Best of all, she didn’t pay a penny for the book’s production.

Judith is the author of 33 published books with more than 1 million books sold to-date. She is one of the foremost authorities in the U.S. on the topics of book publishing and book marketing.

Judith is also the founder and president of a rapidly growing writer’s association in Colorado called AuthorU with nearly 700 members worldwide.

Join us this Thursday morning when we dive deep with Judith about how important book writing is for business owners, speakers, and coaches. And, you’ll see this HOT new method for producing book content fast, free and with little effort on your part.

We will reserve 15 minutes at the end for Q&A so bring your book writing, publishing and marketing questions to the call!

This is a no-cost public event hosted by CloudNet360 (Premium Web Cart). You are not required to be a customer to attend, so feel free to share this message with those you know who might benefit.

Click Here to Claim Your Spot >>

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing login details about joining the webinar.

We hope to see you there!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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