CloudNet360 Blog Opens Itself for Guest Bloggers from CRM Industry

Welcome Guest Bloggers

We at Cloudnet360 decided to open up our blog platform to all our merchant and reviewers from CRM and small business automation industry to share their experience, review and expertise with the hope of creating a transparent, inter-active community which in turn will help all the aspiring small business owners and would be entrepreneurs to achieve their goal.

Criteria for guest blog posting in Cloudnet360-Business automation blog are as follows:

  1. Content should be helpful for people who are interested in CRM, sales and marketing tips.
  2. Content coming from our merchant will be prioritize.
  3. Content with spelling or grammar errors will be rejected.
  4. Each content must have a bio and a bio should only content 1 or 2 outbound links.
  5. All content shall be checked for plagiarism prior to get posted by our review team.
  6. Please do share your valid email id and contact number as someone from our QA team will verify your details prior to posting your content. We have merchants from 28 different countries who are using CloudNet360 platform thus do not hesitate to share your contact even if you are not located in USA or UK.
  7. CloudNet360 reserves the right to accept or reject any blogpost to their sole discretion.

Just maintain these regular criteria and send your content to our QA team or Andrew
long with your contact details.

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Wish you all happy blogging.

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