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It’s not uncommon for people using Infusionsoft to search out an Infusionsoft alternative and the reasons for this are numerous. But for the sake of brevity, this article will focus on the main reason why Infusionsoft falls short as the best small business CRM and why there’s a much better solution in CloudNet360 as an Infusionsoft alternative.

The simple concept behind any Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is that it will help a small business, large business, sales team, etc., sell more of the product or service the business is trying to push.

Through better organization, access to information, and sales automation, the CRM nirvana is to bring everything together in one location to improve the systems and performance of the entire team. The centralized information of the CRM is supposed to increase the overall team customer and prospect IQ while the sales automation is supposed to leverage the capabilities of the sales group, so they can focus on the critical aspects of the sales process like closing deals, while the CRM automatically handles the identification and nurturing of the sales leads for them.

But this is where the vast majority of the CRM software programs lose their way and turn the corner into a management tool and control tool instead of a sales tool.

Large business CRM software systems devote too much of their capabilities to the people paying the bills for the CRM i.e. senior management, and too little effort developing tools that help the sales and business team actually accomplish what senior management wants to see in the reports. This backward approach to building value from a CRM is exactly why so many CRM implementations fail and why the sales and business teams view a CRM as more of a chore than a tool for their benefit.

But we don’t care about what a fortune 500 CRM does well, or does poorly; we really only care about the world we live in every day… the world of small business. The world where the “CEO” is also the largest investor in the business, the person working longer and harder than anyone else in the business and the person that suffers the most when the business does poorly.

We’re going to focus on this person and only on software built for this person.

The Infusionsoft CRM software was built for the small business owner / salesperson that wanted to leverage their sales through automation, and to this end, the Infusionsoft CRM was created with a goal on target to what a good small business CRM should do. The problem with the Infusionsoft CRM is that the goal and the execution has never truly matched. The complexity and difficulty of setting up, using, and maintaining the Infusionsoft CRM automation is simply too daunting for the average computer savvy person to manage.

The net result is a sales system with vast potential but with the potential locked up in a location inaccessible to all but the most “technical insiders” that go through untold man hours of training so rigorous that Infusionsoft must maintain a regulatory certification process simply to verify that a person has the capability to actually use their software.

The people that prove themselves are then able to promote themselves as “certified” by Infusionsoft so they can earn a living selling their services as Infusionsoft consultants. And to get the value out of Infusionsoft, you’re going to need to add their consultancy fees into your monthly budget.

Great… if you’re a certified Infusionsoft Consultant… but not so great if you’re just trying to use Infusionsoft software yourself for improved sales and marketing in your business.

After all, isn’t the purpose of sales automation to make it easier to sell more? How can a person expect to actually sell more if they’re forced to learn complicated software so difficult that they waste hundreds of man hours learning? And how is hiring an Infusionsoft consultant any better than skipping the software altogether and just hiring 2 or 3 people to work with you as employees for the same price as paying for 1 Infusionsoft consultant?

These questions and “real world” experience are exactly why frustrated small business owners turn to CloudNet360 as their best Infusionsoft alternative.

Besides the obvious fact that CloudNet360 is a far more complete “all-in-one” business automation solution, focusing exclusively on the CRM portion still highlights a major difference in philosophy and execution.

When you compare the Infusionsoft CRM versus CloudNet360 CRM, the most obvious difference you’ll experience is the “accessibility” of the automation available to you within CloudNet360. Average computer users, with nothing more than the ability to “point & click”, are able to easily set up automated sales funnels, advanced upsell offers, and proven abandoned cart recovery techniques to find and close more customers, increase the dollar value of each transaction, and produce greater follow up sales.

These advanced capabilities will never require a high priced “consultant” to set them up for you, or maintain them, or change them as your business needs change. You’ll be able to easily set up a Christmas sales funnel, modify it for a New Years offer, put a romantic twist into the funnel for valentines day, and then switch it again from heart shaped chocolate boxes to bunny and egg shaped… all on your own! Not to say that outsourcing to a certified service provider is always bad, CloudNet360 has certified providers as well.

But using a CloudNet360 certified service provider is more of a “convenience” for the times you’re simply too busy working on other things while an Infusionsoft consultant is almost a “requirement” to get any automation up and running. But don’t take my word for it, a quick glance at the sales pitch of any of the Infusionsoft consultants will tell you all you need to know (except the high price of course).

If you do not need a complete business automation system, if you only need a small business CRM and aren’t frightened by $125+ per hour “consultant” fees, then Infusionsoft might be the perfect CRM for you, but if you want the best Infusionsoft alternative so you can run your business your way and always stay in control, then you owe to yourself and your business to look seriously at the CloudNet360 CRM + total business solution.

CloudNet360, helping you sell more… faster!

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