SamCart Review

This SamCart review video is quick, directly to the point, and shows you exactly why using SamCart as your online shopping cart for your small business is going to cost you a lot more than meets the eye.

For starters, the SamCart price is not the “full price”… Nope, the SamCart price is a “portion” of the price you’ll pay to use SamCart because SamCart is only a portion of the full solution needed to run a bare minimum online business.

SamCart is dependent upon you purchasing another 3rd party service and then connecting SamCart to this service via API in order to perform the most basic functions of ecommerce.

This “frankenstein” model used to be the rage, but so were bell bottoms and bouffant hair back in the 60’s and 70’s. Today, a modern shopping cart needs to have everything built-in, already integrated and ready to go on day 1.

If you’d like to see what a truly modern, self contained and fully automated system looks like today, then take a 30-day trial and learn how CloudNet360 helps you sell more… faster!

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One Response to SamCart Review

  1. Gregory V. Diehl says:

    I deactivated my trial account with Samcart last November and was refunded the $99 I spent. A few months later in February, I started being billing $199 a month by Samcart without permission or notification. I just noticed it now, more than 7 months later. If I am not refunded $1400 by Samcart, I will take legal action and file a chargeback.

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