Summary of Webinar on How to Become a Best Selling Author

Gary Jezorski, the man behind CloudNet360 got together with Marty Dickinson and presented a live webinar on Jan 10th to teach people how to quickly and easily become a bestselling author. It was first in the series, the rest will follow soon.

The discussion was targeted at people who are coaches or consultants and it focused on how they can increase their business by writing a book on their area of expertise and sell it on Amazon.

The main points discussed in the webinar were:

1. One needs to have an original concept or, a method of their own on which they might want to enlighten people. One shouldn’t copy an idea to turn it into a profit making book.
2. One needs to choose a particular topic to write the first book
3. Instead of writing a long 500-page book which many people won’t bother reading, make it concise, more like 80-100 pages.
4. Break down the topic into five core chapters
5. Use a ghost writer with good grammar skills who is skilled at interviewingto uncoverthe essential information – is a good resource
6. Research a title that people will be hooked on and promises an attractive benefit
7. There is a methodology of wring the book that gets people to read far enough through the book in order to get paid for the book on Amazon.

These were the main points that were discussed; now this being an extensive topic they are going to break it down into several webinars, the next webinar will cover the topic of launching the actual book after it gets written.

So, if you have an idea for a book then make sure you attend the next webinar which will take place onWednesday January 17 at 10:00 AM Central Time (Chicago).

Watch for the announcement and join link coming soon.

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