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With CloudNet360, Become a Best Selling Author

Coaching Author

Almost every business owner, coach and speaker has thought of writing a non-fiction book.

But, few actually finish the process. Why?

Because most people either hate writing, have no time for writing, are not good at writing, or just do not believe writing will be worth their time or money.

One of our long-time CloudNet360 users has figured out a way every one of your coaching clients could have a book with their name as the author…in as little as six weeks. And the author doesn’t have to type a word of the manuscript.

Imagine how much easier it would be to help your client to:

>Attract more leads and sales to their businesses
>Get more speaking gigs
>Increase their industry stature

…if they just got their book done.

The guy’s name is Marty Dickinson. Gary with CloudNet360 and Marty have led several webinars together for CloudNet360 users.

If you have coaching clients still needing to get their book done, checkout Marty’s blog post for some ways to make it happen.

Register here for the Live Event

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Scheduling & Billing Integration – #1 Benefit

You need to ask yourself if you’re a coach & consultant or are you a “bill collector”?

If you’re not a “bill collector”, then why are you wasting time and putting yourself in an uncomfortable position chasing your clients down for their money?

With the automated, online scheduling system built into Cloudnet360, you’ll never need to chase after your money or risk damaging a long term relationship because all this billing is done automatically and in the background so you get to focus 100% of your time and attention on what you do best.

If you hate the drudgery and relationship altering headache of chasing clients for money, then watch this video to learn about a better, easier, way.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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