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CloudNet360 vs. Infusionsoft – Setting up your eCommerce Platform

In this Infusionsoft review video, I will show you the huge difference in what you are capable of doing with Infusionsoft, versus what you are capable of doing with CloudNet360 in terms of setting up your eCommerce platform to sell your products or services.

With less capability and far more confusion, Infusionsoft is clearly miles behind Cloudnet360 when it comes to choice the right business automation tool.

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Infusionsoft vs CloudNet360 – Tracking Order

In this Cloudnet360 vs Infusionsoft video, I just want to show you some of the pervasive confusion that takes place in the Infusionsoft system or, in this case it is just a matter of being very inconvenient on top of confusion.

So, one of the things everyone wants to do all the time when running a business is to check the orders. Now Watch our Infusionsoft Comparison video and find out the contrasting nature of two system i.e Cloudnet360 and Infusionsoft.

In a nutshell, the more we are digging in the more it is becoming evident why people like to call “infusionsoft” as “Confusionsoft”.

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CloudNet360 vs. Infusionsoft – CRM Dashboard

In this Infusionsoft Comparison video I am showing you how with a slow, confusing CRM dashboard Infusionsoft is most hyped CRM in the market, thanks to their huge army of affiliates and marketing budget. Just a simple comparison video on CRM dashboard between Cloudnet360 and Infusionsoft is more than enough to prove this hype false.

In CloudNet360, with our philosophy of creating a point and click based easy to use business automation system we are continuously updating ourselves to meet this goal while assuring you a 99.9% stable system so that we can provide you a usable way of managing your business and helping you sell more faster.

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Infusionsoft vs CloudNet360 – Affiliate Program Comparison

In this Infusionsoft vs CloudNet360 comparison video, I will show you why infusionsoft is very confusing while trying to set up your affiliate campaign or program. And on the contrary, you will find CloudNet360 platform is very easy to navigate and set up your affiliate campaign.

One more reason why our philosophy of making a user-friendly, easy to navigate and simple yet complete business automation software made CloudNet360 the Best Small Business Automation available in the market.

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Broadcast Split Testing – is Infusionsoft Learning from CloudNet360?

An honest Review from Cloudnet360 tech team on why you should opt for Cloudnet360 instead of Infusionsoft and consider Cloudnet360 as best Infusionsoft alternative.

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Infusionsoft Review – Is This Really True?

An “Infusionsoft review” by a small business automation software competitor… is it fair? Well, it’s likely not going to be “fair” because we do things in the way that we think is best and Infusionsoft does things in the way that they think is best so there’s always going to be that bias.

This difference in perspective can certainly tilt an opinion in one direction or the other so what we’ll need to do in this Infusionsoft review is spend a little less time reviewing the individual features and a little more time reviewing the differences in design and business philosophy because this will also determine how a product is designed, how you’re treated, and ultimately, how it works in the hands of it’s users.

But before you ever get to see either of the 2 different products, there’s a bridge you need to cross to lay your eyes on the goodies. With CloudNet360, all you need to do is invest $4.97 and you’ll not only get the full system but it’ll even come with an e-Business Advisor to personally help you through every step of the setup and to help you strategically understand how to maximize the effectiveness of the software for your business.

With Infusionsoft it’s a little more complicated. The first thing you need to understand about Infusionsoft is that it’s very similar to buying a used car off one of those “buy here, pay here” corner used car lots with the sleazy used car salesmen.

What I mean by this is… never, never, never, under any circumstances ever accept the pricing they offer because just like the sleazy used car salesman, the first price offered is always the worst price.

The $2,000 upfront fee? Just laugh and say no because it’ll drop to zero if you wait long enough.

The monthly fees you see on their sales page are mere suggestions. I personally do not know anyone paying those monthly fees and like the buyers of the cars from the corner lot, they all think they’re the only ones getting a “special deal”. You should believe you’re getting a unique deal as much as you should believe the salesman is actually going in back to “negotiate” with his manager to get you a better price.

For me personally, this is as far as I would go with Infusionsoft because how they treat you coming in the door is how they’ll treat once you’re through the door.

So you really need to ask yourself if you want to be treated fairly and pay the same fees as everyone else or would you prefer the fake “discount” and then need to wonder if you should have held out longer or if the Infusionsoft user next to you is paying $100 less than you are each month.

This basic business philosophy is what defines Infusionsoft and when you dig deeper, you’ll quickly discover there are many layers to this onion. We’ll cover more of these in future posts but I think you should already be thinking about an Infusionsoft alternative at this point.

And also ask yourself why Infusionsoft makes it so complicated and expensive to try their software while CloudNet360 makes it so easy and risk free?

If you want to Sell More… Faster, then take CloudNet360 for a 30-day test drive today.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Best Infusionsoft Review

The best Infusionsoft review is going to be the review of Infusionsoft that simply provides the facts without the hyperbole or the slanted opinion of an “infusionsoft coach” that is really promoting Infusionsoft because they’re also an “Infusionsoft affiliate” that makes profit off of every one of their coaching clients that signs up for an Infusionsoft account.

Not to say that there’s inherently a problem with an Infusionsoft coach earning an affiliate commission from a recommendation, but there is often a conflict of interest when the recommendation is not made in the best interest of the coaching client but instead in the most profitable interest of the coach.

There are some cases where it makes perfect sense for a person to choose Infusionsoft versus an alternative like CloudNet360, but the reality is these legitimate cases are few and far between. With the high upfront fees combined with overpriced monthly fees, it’s easy to see why so many small business people and information marketers have made the logical switch from Infusionsoft to CloudNet360 because they simply get more for their money after they make the change. Not to mention the sneaky hidden fees for the modules that most marketing folks need for their business and erroneously believe are included as part of their package.

When you take all these factors into account, it’s easy to recognize the amazing value-to-performance ratio people are receiving from CloudNet360. Imagine paying “penthouse” prices for your office and discovering that while you have the address of a modern, sleek looking building, your office is located in a back room with no windows and a long hike to an unkept bathroom. But with CloudNet360, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that you’re actually investing far less money each month but receiving far more. Almost like finding a 5-Star resort on Groupon and paying half as much. While you’re lounging at the seaside pool with your fill of “all inclusive” food and drinks, your competitors are staying at the “Super 8” and paying a la carte for ham sandwiches and a coke.

If you’re ready for some royal treatment and 5-star sales automation, review Infusionsoft 1st and then try the best Infusionsoft alternative. You’ll be glad you made the comparison.

CloudNet360, Helping you sell more… faster!

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