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CloudNet360 Feature Alert – Rebill Feature and Free Form Invoice

CloudNet360 Feature Alter

One of the simplest concept in business is the easier you make it for your customer to pay you money the more likely they are going to do so. And to make this concept in reality we have introduced the rebill feature and the free form invoice, so that all the CloudNet360 merchant can sell more..faster!

In this video, I demonstrate multiple easy way to rebill or create free form invoice for your customers so that they can pay you with a click of a button.

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CloudNet360 vs. Infusionsoft – Setting up your eCommerce Platform

In this Infusionsoft review video, I will show you the huge difference in what you are capable of doing with Infusionsoft, versus what you are capable of doing with CloudNet360 in terms of setting up your eCommerce platform to sell your products or services.

With less capability and far more confusion, Infusionsoft is clearly miles behind Cloudnet360 when it comes to choice the right business automation tool.

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How to Sell More?

Cloudnet360 CRM Selling Secret

Every retailer, every business owner works with the same goal of making more sales to ensure a big profit. Achieving this goal is easier said than done and whoever has been in the business would agree on this. You have a selling strategy, but that might not work, you make the offer, but how do you know that the buyers would fall for it? It is almost like fishing, the bait goes into the water, but there is no guarantee that the fish will take it.

A good fisherman follows some simple fishing strategies which helps him land the fishes straight into his boat. You too need to strategise well to be able to tempt your customers, a little tweaking of your sales strategy could help you get the desired profit.

• Location & Targeting– This is perhaps the most crucial factor in your sales strategy. While fishing if you target the entire lake, you would end up wasting your time and your baits, you need to target those areas where the fishes are supposed to lurk around and place your baits there. Likewise, when you’re targeting keywords online, focus on the keywords that target the customers of your most direct competitors. For example, if you’re selling Nikon cameras, then a few effective keyword phrases would be “Canon alternative”, “Canon price” or “Canon warranty”. Let Canon cast the “wide net” for people seeking a digital camera, let Canon burn through hordes of advertising cash, and then you can swoop in at the last minute to highjack the sale.

• Presentation– You need to present the offer in a tempting way to not only grab their attention but to make them buy your product. If you make an offer for a limited period of time they won’t be able to ignore it, especially when the offer is available for a few days only. They will definitely make a move. There’s a reason why smart retailers use holidays like July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc., to promote their products. Holidays aren’t the only option; you can create any reason you choose, but it’s always important to have a reason, because it’s proven that people are more likely to accept your offer when there’s a reason for the offer.

• The “Take Away”– When you make an offer, you need to stress on the expiration of the offer so that the customers feel that they are going to lose the opportunity and in the rush they end up buying your product. The fear of loss is often more powerful than the desire for gain so make sure your customers know when they are about to lose out on a special deal.

Selling more could be challenging, but it is not an impossible feat to achieve, you just need to make sure that you are using the right strategies.

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Efficiency Lies in Simplicity

Cloudnet360 CRM Announcement

Everyone knows what the acronym KISS means – Keep it simple stupid.

There’s no way you could beat simplicity, especially in business. Yes, there have been complex business models that achieved great success, but most successful businesses have a simple foundation. The simple models might not sound trendy, but they do their job and end up delivering the results.

The Google home page is literally a master’s class example of how a simple function, simple home page, produced amazing results.

It’s why you so often hear CEOs of multinational companies explain why they’re selling all the companies they recently bought and getting back to basics… describing their “new” strategy as, “getting back to basic blocking & tackling”. Because when their business was “simple” they were successful.

When they implemented their “new” systems to manage the multitude of acquisitions, suddenly their business was no longer “simple” and no longer profitable. The trouble is that “simple” always seems so boring while “new “ is always so exciting.

There are marketing experts who promise you a magic sales funnel delivering spectacular results, but there is always a “catch” with this mystical potion. More often than not, you veer away from “simple” and straight into the oncoming headlights of “complicated”.

Now you need the help of the experts to save you from the inevitable crash and you become dependent upon them to be able to run basic functions of your business.
So, what’s the point of having it?

For example, if I go to a trade show and collect leads, I know what I’m going to do as a soon as I get back to the office:

• Email them a “thank you” message to remind them who I am and what I can do for them.
• Follow this email with a phone call from me.
• Send another email
• Mail a direct mail piece
• Continue my correspondence until they either tells me to stop of they take the next action I’m trying to achieve.

Suddenly I have a “simple” sales funnel that just automated my entire follow up process of things I used to do manually.

It’s simple, it works really well and I didn’t need a coach or consultant to figure it out for me. I have the control in my hands.

Good businesses keep things simple and then just do these simple things consistently. Complicated businesses are never consistent and never really good… and least, not for long.

CloudNet360 makes it “point & click” simple for anyone to emulate their current sales and business activities to easily create an automated sales funnel that does the work for them so they can focus on the sales activities no automation will ever replace.

Here’s another “simple” offer for you. CloudNet360 makes all of our profits from software sales and we throw in the sales funnel consulting for FREE so we can sell you more software.

Just take a test drive to discover how effective our simple step-by-step methods are at improving sales.

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Video vs. Static Image

The hazard of using this style of video is that most often, people don’t know whether what you have posted is an image or a video.
It’s important that people understand that you are posting a video versus a static image.

Watch the video for a cool tip on how to overcome this:

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Coupons – Product Specific for Maximum Conversions

Coupons are great for promoting sales and incentives but having the coupon code field on your order page when there is no coupon available is a proven way to lower your conversion rate.

The problem with showing a coupon code field is that it makes people think there might be a coupon code available. And if they think a code could save them money, they often leave in search of a code to use and then some folks will skip the purchase entirely because they do not want to pay full price without the benefit of the coupon code.

They have no way of knowing a code does not exist so in their mind they’re simply paying too much.

To solve this sales conversion killer, while still providing the opportunity to offer selective coupons, the CloudNet360 shopping cart allows you to make the coupon code field appear, or not appear, on a product-by-product basis.

If the product has a coupon available, the coupon form field will appear. But if there is no coupon offer for the product, the coupon field is not visible on the order page so you never lose a customer because they abandoned the cart in search of a coupon code for the purchase.

Simple logic and just as simple to implement with 1-click of a check box. Watch the video to learn how.

Just one more way that CloudNet360 helps you sell more… faster!

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Double Your Sales With Offline Affiliate Marketing

Why limit your affiliate marketing to your online presence when there are so many offline sales opportunities?

The trouble, of course, is that your affiliates will not put any effort into selling offline when they know they won’t receive any sales commission. But with the CloudNet360 exclusive affiliate software, your affiliate will be just as motivated to sell your products offline as they do online.

Will this double your sales? Well, it doubles your presence and market opportunities so it may just double your sales or it might do even more.

Watch the video to discover how easily you can double or even triple your sales with offline affiliate marketing software.

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Upsell with a Down Sell – Easy Solution

Creating an effective upsell does not require that you create additional products to upsell… or in this case “down sell”.

You can still generate additional revenue from a down sell after the customer rejects your upsell offer.

Watch the short video to learn how easily this can be accomplished.

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Easy Upsell Product Ideas – Clever Secret

It’s no secrete that upselling drops loads of profit to the bottom line of any business but did you know that you already have an arsenal of upsell products already available to you right now?

Watch this short video to discover how you have far more one time offer upsell products available for immediate sale than you may believe.

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Customer Portal Configuration – New Order Page

The Customer Portal is an outstanding convenience for your customers and a powerful upselling tool for CloudNet360 merchants.

But sometimes you may not want to have the Customer Portal access displayed on your order page so we’ve now made this a configurable option for you.

Check out the short video for the details.

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