The “New Trick” by SamCart…

…or , we could have called this online business article: Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks.

But whatever you call it, the message is still the same in the end because CloudNet360 has been innovating and improving with industry leading ideas and concepts long before SamCart was even a twinkle in the eye of the SamCart developers. The same developers who are painfully discovering that creating the best online shopping cart is going to take a lot more effort and many more years time to accomplish.

And that’s only if we stood still and ceased to create and innovate… but that’s never going to happen!

The truth is, we like to add features, we love the challenge of making our system easier to use, we find it “thrilling” to release new code and watch the sales and marketing automation grow like it’s our own living, breathing, walking, child. Now I know that sounds a little uber-geek-ish to some of you but to us it just feels “normal”.

It won’t surprise me to see more of these “new” features rolling off the SamCart development assembly line… we’re used to our competitors “borrowing” our ideas and then exchanging high fives while celebrating their resourcefulness, but while they’re scrambling to catch up, we’ll push the pedal down and continue accelerating away and building our lead.

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