Finally - Sales Automation made email simple!
Auto Responders
Unlimited follow up email sequences let you operate run unlimited websites with product specific message purity.
Newsletter Broadcasts
Send to your entire list or segment to a specific group.
SMS Texting
Send as part an automated follow up sequence in a Sales Path or as a 1 time broadcast.
Positive & Negative Segmentation
Filter by people with condition "A, B, C" but not with condition "X or Y".
Conditional Emails
Automatically send specific follow up emails based upon the actions taken by the recipient of the original email.
Email Split Testing
Testing is the key to improvement. Sometimes the most subtle changes yield the greatest results.
Add new contacts, manage customer tasks, schedule integration and convenient reminders all from the palm of your hand.
Google / Yahoo / Hotmail / iCal / Outlook Calendar Integration
Real time updates to your other calendars.
Easily identify and segment your list for laser focused follow up and sales optimization. Your customers and prospects will respond the way you want when you communicate with them in a manner that relates specifically to them.
Sales Funnels & Paths
100% pure supercharged automation of your sales process from lead, to sale, to post sales processes, as well as automated follow up sales.
Auto Responder Emails, SMS Text Messages, Auto Documents, Sales Calls, Custom Tasks
Create a "sales system" that includes every activity you need to automate and place it on your Sales Path.
This is truly a game changing tool for your small business. It's literally like adding a full time employee to your team but without the added expense.
Lead Scoring
Stop wasting your time chasing every lead and let the CRM automation clearly identify which leads are most actively involved and worthy of investing your limited time to pursue.
Action Links
Add and/or remove customer Tags, Funnels and Sales Paths with the simple click of an email link. List segmentation is no longer limited to opt-ins and product purchases like it is with our competitors.
Task Management
Systemize your business with complete task management that schedules everyone on your team and keeps you informed about who is truly pulling the load and who's holding the team back.
Dynamic Task Assignment
Automatically assign Sales Path tasks to your team based upon pre-established criteria.
Manual Tasks
Assign tasks to your team based upon the needs and occurrences of your business not related to a Sales Path. Task assignment is as easy as choosing from the default tasks provided or any of the unlimited tasks types that you created.
Either way, it's all "point and click" quick for maximum efficiency.
Need to know everyone from a single company... or project... or anything else that fits your business. Easily add Groups and people to Groups on the fly.
Source & Path
Keep track of how people entered your Funnel and where they came from.
System Customization
Add and modify fields to our "default" set up to fit any business.
Customer / Lead Comments
Keep a running history of the conversations with your customers for future use.
Customer / Lead Objections
Knowing what's stopping a sale is the first step to capturing that sale. Record it, track it and improve it.
Customer Cancelations
Tracking this critical action is the key to minimizing future losses.
Support Ticket Integration
Monitor every support ticket ever submitted.
Email History
Round out the profile of the lead by knowing what communication a person has already received.
Graphical System Reports
Crunching the numbers is always easier to understand when you can just look at the graphs and easily spot the trends.
Multi-User Access Control
Create unlimited users and admins. There is direct access to the CRM so there is never a need to allow people to have access to the other sections of your business i.e. shopping cart, unless you choose to do so.
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