Membership System
Your customers will love how intuitive it is to enjoy your Membership site while you'll love how easy it is to create, add, and maintain your site. Or better yet, create and sell 3, or 5, or even 11 sites because you can create as many unique sites as you choose and it's all included.
"Courseware" Optimized
Teaching your members how to play a guitar, trade equities, buy foreclosed houses, or any other subject through video, audio or text couldn't be any faster or easier.
If you can click "Browse" and then upload a file from your computer, you have all the skills needed to quickly build a custom membership site in minutes. Focus on your content, not on your Webmaster skills.
Timed Content Delivery (Drip Feed)
Drip content to your members based upon their membership level and give them 1 more reason to upgrade. Schedule the release of individual files independently in any manner you choose.
Member Comments
Select whether you want members to be able to comment on your content. Because you set this item-by-item, you can be selective and you'll also be able to moderate all comments before they appear on your site.
Mobile Compatible
iPhone and iPad compatibility.
Upsell Other Products
Promote additional products that are content specific. In others words, your upsell offer is tied to a specific video, audio or text tutorial. If you have 30 content files, you can have 30 different upsell offers.
Unlimited Membership Levels
1 level, 3 levels, 15 levels, or more... with each membership level capable of having specific access and privileges. Name your membership levels as you choose to fit your business.
Unlimited Branded Sites
Run multiple different brands and websites or simply "repurpose" your content to make it appear as though you have multiple products / brands. Either way, it's all included with 1 account.
Unlimited Secure Bandwidth
Never worry about paying "penalties" for being too successful. Never a bandwidth charge for too many customers using your site.
Membership "Share" Prevention
Easily set the maximum number of IP connections allowed for a member.
File Download Protection
Choose to not display a download link or choose to display a download link but only after a specific period of time i.e. 30-days.
Automatic Password Creation
Our unique method of "instant registration" eliminates the new member hassles of lost registration & lost passwords. This makes the process trouble free for new customers and support free for you.
Automatic Member Management
Upgrade, suspend, cancel, plus failed credit cards notices and "credit card about to expire" notifications... 100% automated and 100% hands free.
"Grayed Out Content" Upgrades
Tease your trial members, and lower level members, by allowing them to see what they're missing and what others are getting... then give them a "1 click" method to upgrade.
Instant Access
No registration, no opt-in required, just let them in for a little taste of your system and watch your sign up rate soar.
Trial Periods
Lure them in with a low cost, or free, trial offer for 14-days, 20-days, or 30-days, etc. and then automatically start the normal recurring billing on the normal cycle.
Only top end systems can perform this type of dissimilar pricing and recurring billing cycle but this is an absolute "must have" item to maximize sales.
Custom Branding
Make each site look exactly the way you choose with your look and feel. Each of your membership sites can be uniquely branded so you can literally run multiple different sites and nobody ever needs to know they're related.
Menu Management
Easily create a menu of all your content items and organize them with simple "drag and drop" technology. Simple for you to create and intuitive for your members to use.
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