Shopping Cart
More than a "cart", it's up selling, cross selling, follow up selling lost sales prevention, and automation system "disguised" as a shopping cart. There's really nothing else quite like it on the market today!
Mobile Apps
Order notifications, Product updates, Customer tasks, Project Manger tasks... and more. Run your business on the go and from the palm of your hand.
Customer Portal
1 click reorders, 4 tier registered customer pricing, purchase history, special "portal product" only offers, digital download management, recurring billing management, credit card management, guest or registered checkout.
1 Click Upsell
The world's only system that lets you choose how and when to offer your up sell to your customer: Pre-checkout, post checkout, or pre-check out and post checkout for the ultimate in flexibility.
Combine an unlimited number of upsell offers with down sell offers. Upsell from a down-sell and vice versa ... the options are truly unlimited and unmatched by anything else available today.
Related Products
Product specific capability matches related products to optimize sales conversions.
Featured Products
Promote your best sellers independently of the customer's other selections.
Fixed Bundles
Offer special packages & volume discounts or combine the bundles with the upsell system.
Variable Bundles
Takes Fixed Bundles to the next level and multiples your capability to dynamically combine products into 1 offer.
Gift Certificates
Gives your online store the "big business" credibility when you can offer true "big retailer" gift certificate capability. Full branding for each and every website you run under with PWC.
Coupon System
Drive sales with special discounts. Heavy users will love the import/export functions.
Offline Affiliate Coupons
Rewarding your affiliates for offline referrals is the surest way to get them to market offline for you. Step ahead of the crowd and get the best affiliates to sell for you while the others are left gasping for solutions.
Trial Periods
Draw more customers in the door when they can "try it before they buy it" with a low cost (or free) trial. For example, you can charge $1 for the first 14 days and then $29 / month thereafter... or any combination that best fits your business.
Multiple Payment Plan
Selling a high cost item? Boost your conversions by offering "3 easy payments" instead of one lump sum.
Payment API
Use our system with other products. Fully integrated with WishList, DAP, and Amember for automated payment and member management. e.q. suspend on declined charge, etc.
PayPal Recurring Compatible
Give your customers the choice of using their credit cards or PayPal from the same order form and for recurring billing.
Easily process follow up orders with no credit card required and you'll remain PCI compliant because the credit information is always encrypted.
Digital Downloads (with a twist)
Giant file sizes (even unlimited) , unlimited bandwidth means you'll never modify your videos to fit your cart's limitations.
Go big and gnarly and never worry about delivery... matter how big your product launch might be.
Physical Products
Managing your physical product shipments is a breeze with our product fulfillment module. Takes all the guess work right out of the system.
Price Based Options
Need to charge more, or even less, for a product based upon the options chosen? Easily done and built right in.
Import / Export
Mass changes with a click of a button.
Real time calculation, flat rate, per item, cost based ...we do them all. You may even choose to display multiple carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS at the same time so your customers can pick the best shipping option for themselves.
Sales Tax
Automatic calculation by country, state/province, or all the way down to the zip code level. You can even decide to charge specific tax rates on a product by product basis.
Inventory Management
Run volume based sales and automatically cut off the promotion when they're all gone or simply ensure you're not selling products that are sold out.
Customize everything at the cart level for convenience or at the product level for the ultimate in control.
PCI Compliant
PCI compliance is mandatory and CloudNet360 has been PCI compliant from day 1. Beware of the risk of huge fines and a possible loss of your business if your ecommerce solution is not PCI compliant.
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