Infusionsoft Review


This Infusionsoft Review will certainly be scoffed at by the Infusionsoft online shopping cart sales team for obvious reasons. And who can really blame them?


But think of it this way; when you're a pro boxer fighting in the middleweight division, you don't step up and challenge the heavy weight champion to a fist fight. You better be a heavyweight already or you're going to get your head knocked off! And you can't be  some "Johnny come lately", because going against a champion means you better be a guy with a recognized, industry leading, "A Game”.


If we thought that CloudNet360 was not the best Infusionsoft alternative, we would be walking with our head held low to protect a vulnerable chin. Unfortunately for Infusionsoft, the days of their ecommerce supremacy have faded into the twilight while they fight the inevitable loss of prestige in the market.


Their "easy glory” days are long gone as the online shopping cart market is now one of the most competitive software arenas in the world and it's only getting tougher. For the original giants, this reality can be a little hard to fathom but the market has moved past their legacy and the the customer migration is telling the real story.


So while you may be hard pressed to believe an Infusionsoft review written by their strongest competitor, all you really need to do is perform a quick comparison to see how CloudNet360 has truly left Infusionsoft gasping for air as they try to catch up to the  grinding progress we've demonstrated over the last half decade.


Here's how we do it.


Whenever we benchmark a competitor, the first thing we look for is their strength. We really don't care where they're weak as this provides no real benefit to help us improve our product.


We really want to know where these guys are wearing their double thick kevlar and then determine how we can take that strength and add it into our system to make us even stronger and better able to give our customers a world class system for their business.


OK... I can hear you and see you looking at me with one eye closed and your head tilted slightly to the right. You're still skeptical that CloudNet360 is the best Infusionsoft alternative. I don't blame you, you should be skeptical.


So here are a few tests you can do on your own and it'll only take you a few minutes to see the truth for yourself.


  1. $2000 "Coaching” Fee - Ask yourself why Infusionsoft tries to sell you on this high priced feature? Is it pure greed or is their system really so convoluted that you'll feel good about spending an enormous amount of money to learn how to use their system.


CloudNet360 is so easy to use we give every customer their very own e-Business Advisor for FREE.


Here's our little secret... we can honestly only do this because so few people actually need our hand holding. Otherwise we would need to hire a lot more eBusiness Advisors and likely need to charge you thousands of dollars like Infusionsoft does.


But isn't it nice to know you can call someone you know by name if you do need a helping hand from time to time without taking out a 2nd mortgage for the privilege?


  1. Google "Infusionsoft Consultant" - You'll see an entire sub-industry has been built off the confusion, complexity, and lack of internal features offered by Infusionsoft.


Contrast this with CloudNet360 where all your business needs are provided under  1 umbrella. No need for custom scripts, no need for high priced consultants, just log in and copy and paste your way to a completely integrated business solution.


  1. Compare Business Modules - No Membership system? No Project Manager? No Ticket system? No Live Chat? No Click to Call? No Fulfillment integration?


We say, "no deal”!


We'll give you all that and more... plus the ability to click a button and replicate all your software (world exclusive feature) so it's literally like having a software master disk and being able to add as many systems as you choose, for as many different businesses as you'd like to run... all for the same price.


Can we really perform an honest review of Infusionsoft?


Ultimately, this is for you to decide but just a little research and effort on your behalf makes me confident that the overwhelming evidence will point you in the right direction.


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