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Quick Start Guide Launches for CloudNet360 Setup

Getting started with CloudNet360 and using its full suite of tools to Sell More…Faster just got even easier with the launch of the first in a series of Quick-Start guides.

Marty Dickinson author of CloudNet360 Quick Start GuideMy name is Marty Dickinson. I am not a CloudNet360 employee. I have provided some consulting to the company over the 7 years I’ve used CloudNet360, and serve as a product evangelist URGING audiences to try CloudNet360 whenever I appear on stage or host or guest-present on webinars. I have met nearly everyone on-staff in person and interact with them weekly.

Maybe you’ve listened to some recorded webinars Gary (CloudNet360’s senior product manager) and I have conducted together.

With all that aside, the important thing to know about me is that I am a 20-year full-time web marketer and use CloudNet360 every day to power my own business, product sales, lead gen, and the Here Next Year Web Marketing Club.

CloudNet360 has authorized me to write, publish, and maintain a Quick Start setup guide for new users.

Yes, I do charge for this document as any author would charge for a book with real value.

More on that later. For now, the important thing for you to understand about me is

One of my greatest enjoyments is sharing the combination of my web marketing mileage and CloudNet360 user experience to help you get more leads and sales for your business.

In fact, if you take the next 10 minutes to read the rest of this post, I will share 3 bits of advice about web marketing with CloudNet360 that will make you think a little differently about your objective.

So, let’s start at the beginning…

How a new CloudNet360 user gets started today

When a new customer registers for a 30-day trial of the CloudNet360 system, there are a few ways to get started, including:

1. Watching free help videos displayed throughout the system and on the CloudNet360 blog.

2. Using free visual help guides and tutorials already inside your account to guide you through specific tasks.

3. Contacting CloudNet360 support or a certified CloudNet360 partner for initial setup help.

With all of those great resources available, I still get calls and emails from new 30-day trial customers asking, “How do I get started?”

Finally there is a NEW ANSWER to that question where video, internal guides, and support is just not enough.

Start selling within just an hour or two (Realistically)

Using my own checklist of steps that I’ve developed over the years, my personal record for setting up a new CloudNet360 account to accept online orders (complete with a designed top banner, product link, order page, auto-responder, tag, sales funnel, connection to a payment gateway, and custom thank you page) is exactly 41 minutes! Yes, I timed it.

Now, that was in the midst of a frantic client needing to get out of his broken WordPress plugin shopping cart immediately…right in the middle of a promotion. Not recommended, but we made it happen.

Yet, I realize, in the real world, how new 30-day trial users of any new software these days evaluate whether they will use it or not going forward based on usability and speed & ease of setup…instead of how they should be making decisions based on increased or decreased leads and sales.

Odd but true!

Advice Tip #1: Think of your CloudNet360 setup period as a training period before the race…not THE race

In the spirit of the recent 2016 Summer Olympics, you might enjoy hearing that I sat next to Parry O’Brien on an airplane several years ago. Mr. Parry was the Olympic shot put champion who, in the 1950’s, invented the current spin & release style used today by every shot put competitor in the world.

I asked him, “How did you become the best?” His reply lasted almost the entire 90-minute plane ride telling me all about his glory days! He started off with, “I lived and breathed shot put and trained every day…all day…for years.”

Did he just show up on Olympic Trials day? No. He decided what he wanted, got a good coach, planned for winning Gold and trained for it long before the actual event ever occurred.

Too many new users approach their 30-day CloudNet360 trial period as if it’s “the event” instead of the preparation (planning and training) period.

Be patient with yourself and CloudNet360. This is new software for you. Take the time you need to plan for implementing the right technical and sales strategies, practice its functionality, test and tweak.

The payoff will be when you launch.

My CloudNet360 setup method can save you literally a day’s worth of time or maybe even more.

If you’ve already poked around inside CloudNet360 after signing-up for your 30-day trial, you might get a chuckle when I claim CloudNet360 is truly the easiest shopping cart AND complete online marketing system to setup that I’ve ever worked with (over 30 of ’em).

The key is knowing the sequence of steps so that everything works together the first time.

If you do not have guidance through the setup process, you’ll just get frustrated.

Advice Tip #2: You have to know exactly where you want to go before any guide (human, video, or printed) can help you get there

As a certified Platinum Partner services provider for CloudNet360, I always ask the same question to kick off a conversation with a potential consulting client.

My question is, “What do you want?”

Would you be surprised to hear that only two people have answered that question with any level of detail in the past five years I’ve been asking it?

The responses I hear are always something like, “I want to get more sales.” Or, “I want to get more leads.” Or, “I need help getting this CloudNet360 thing setup.”

Don’t be content with having what I call “fool’s wants,” which are the same as chasing empty, unquantified, fool’s gold objectives.

Plan for success instead and git-r-dun!

Introducing BONUS #1

I know…I have haven’t even told you the Quick Start Guide price yet and I’m already bringing up the bonus. Well, that’s for good reason.

Knowing what you want is your first step to figuring how to get what you want. Once you’ve determined those two pieces, setting up CloudNet360 becomes a whole lot easier!

Earlier, I said it only took me 41 minutes to setup CloudNet360 to begin selling a product. That occurred only after I spent about two hours on the phone with my client literally extracting his goals and wants from his brain using a series of questions I’ve developed over the years.

Yes, I was then able to crank through the system and setup CloudNet360 and save the day in the middle of his promotion.

One of the tools I used was what I call a Pre-Flight Planning document, which I wrote for CloudNet360 a year ago to use with their clients.

Whether you buy my Quick Start Guide or not, any CloudNet360 30-day trial customer or ongoing user can go to CloudNet360’s online chat and ask support for my Pre-Flight Planning set of documents. They are free for your use to help you organize your plan.

Just last week, Marie in support, made this comment: “The Pre-Flight documents you wrote for CloudNet360 are super useful. Every customer who has ever used them say that the documents helped them visualize their business.”

Of course, if you DO take the next step with my Quick Start Guide, I will have a special Pre-Flight document included as a free bonus.

Let’s put it this way. When you work with CloudNet360 support or a service provider, you want to complete a certain type of Pre-Flight document—the one I’ve prepared for CloudNet360 support staff to provide to their customers.

When you want to learn the system and setup CloudNet360 on your own, you will need a different type of planning document.

That revised Pre-Flight planning document is included with every purchase of my Quick Start Guide and is NOT available through support.

One More Thing You Need to Know

As mentioned earlier, I am a certified CloudNet360 Platinum Partner services provider but am not taking on setup clients at this time.

My mornings are spent producing, writing, and promoting non-fiction books of my own and for clients a new division of my 20-year company

My afternoons are consumed with practices and games while I serve as head coach for whatever sport my over-achiever daughter is playing at that time of the year.

Why is this such an important must-know fact for YOU now that I’ve used the word “I” nine times (on purpose) in the past seven sentences?

Advice Tip #3: If you’re going to follow anyone’s step-by-step sequence, be sure you’re getting all the steps!

If you spend as much money as I do attending conferences, workshops, and seminars and buying instructional products, memberships, and ebooks, you know how the experts just looove to talk about themselves!

You pay for action steps to take but you wind up getting stories, money-making claims and fluff.

Setting up CloudNet360 for YOUR business is all about YOU and nothing to do with “I,” the author.

With this Quick-Start Guide, as well as future guides to come, there is no step left out of any particular setup sequence. In fact, you may read through some steps that are so basic and obvious, you might find yourself saying, “Marty really used a sentence to tell me to do that? Doesn’t everyone know to do that?”

Better to provide too much detail than not enough. Wouldn’t you agree?

My ability to provide you with every setup involved AND how to integrate web marketing best practices into that sequence is only possible because of two unique qualifications:

1. Having no hidden agenda – As mentioned earlier, there is little chance of hiring me to setup CloudNet360 for you. So, there are no “special deals” for services to up-sell you to.

2. Not being a CloudNet360 employee – No one can fire me for alerting you to a system limitation or providing you with a work-around.

Every step and sequence uses a tell-it-like-it-is approach. Anyone who has read my work has appreciated that integrity and training style.

CloudNet360 is, by far, the most complete and self-manageable web-based marketing system available today.

You have the opportunity to get immediate access to the most detailed, methodical, current visual Quick Start setup guide of its kind combining functional how-to CloudNet360 system setup steps with marketing technique into one easy-to-follow printable guide (Sold in PDF form).

Sample product setup screen in CloudNet360 Visual Quick-Start Guide

Now, finally, we can get to specifics!

If you purchase my Quick-Start Guide, and follow it step-by-step, beginning with my special Pre-Flight bonus, you will:

  • Save hours (and even days) worth of trial and error during initial setup.
  • Reduce frustration that accompanies learning any new software system.
  • Avoid setup mistakes that you only discover a few months later and wind up fixing.
  • Learn only what you need to know on Day #1 instead of being distracted by the multitude of features CloudNet360 has to offer.
  • Retain more of what you learn (because following a written document allows you to implement at your own pace and return easily to where you left off).
  • Rely less on support and spend less time on support calls and chats because you’ll only need to ask one-liner, more specific questions.
  • Enjoy being IN the system daily instead of only logging in when you have to.*
  • Gain confidence to add new products or services, design custom header images for your shopping cart area, create basic auto-responders, tags, sales funnels whenever you want to instead of waiting for business hours so you can contact support.
  • Unveil hidden product features you would likely miss on your own that could mean extra sales revenue in your pocket.
  • Apply proven web marketing best practices most technicians wouldn’t know to tell you about…unless they actually use CloudNet360 to sell their own products or services.
  • Visualize proper CloudNet360 setup since you will be going through the same purchasing process when you buy the Quick-Start Guide as your own customers will when they buy your products and services.
  • Get discounts (using the coupon feature of course) on future Quick-Start Guides as they become available (Opt-in forms, Advanced Sales Funnels and Auto-Responders, Members Pro, Affiliate Program, Up-Sell Coming Soon!).
  • Make more than enough sales to pay for CloudNet360 by the time your 30-day trial expires.

*Many of my clients remain logged-in to CloudNet360 all day long so that they can use the CRM in real-time throughout the day. When a customer calls them on the phone, for example, they can quickly search for the customer record, view notes from previous conversations, view tags to identify recent purchases, and see where a person is in the sales process because they have their sales funnels/paths setup properly. Their entire sales process is almost paperless!

You just have to ask yourself…”How much would that really be worth to you?”

Get the Details Here >>

Why Not Get Started Right Now?

One mistake I see new CloudNet360 users making is contacting support too early in the setup process. Every day, someone eventually says to the support tech, “Can you just do this for me?”

In all my years of working with software development companies, I have never come across a support department that is so willing to spend whatever amount of time it takes to help its clients like the CloudNet360 support crew.

But, I’ll say this too: You will truly sell more…faster using CloudNet360 if YOU commit to learning how to setup its components yourself instead of having someone else do all of the initial work for you.

I’m making that statement as someone who’s worked with both kinds of CloudNet360 users; those who have relied on support to do practically everything for the customer…all the time versus those who choose to master CloudNet360 so they can use it as the primary marketing management tool it should be for their business.

The latter include the business owners, speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, and product producers who use CloudNet360 to its fullest potential and truly sell more…faster!

See all the details of What You’ll Get with the CloudNet360 Quick-Start Guide >>

Congratulations on your decision to give CloudNet360 a try. If there’s any question you have about my Quick Start Guide or even if you’re still considering the 30-day trial and have a functionality question, I’m happy to answer!

Feel free to contact me anytime. My cell phone number is 303-913-4813. Please send a text message to me with the word CLOUDNET360 and I will call you back immediately if I’m available. Or, I will reply to your text and suggest an available time for us to talk.

You’re probably not used to reading so much content in a blog post. So, I appreciate your sticking with me.

All the best,
Marty Dickinson

P.S. Is there a Bonus #2?

Yes, there is and it too is completely free with every purchase of my CloudNet360 Quick-Start Guide. In fact, it might even have more value over time than your initial purchase of the document! Go there now to see what Bonus #2 is!

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Book Jam: Webinar Recording

Today we invited book expert, Judith Briles, to be our guest presenter on what we called the “Book” Jam. We wanted to post this quickly so that you could watch and listen to the many nuggets of great suggestions by Judith starting from why it’s important for you (as a business owner, speaker or coach) to write a book to how your book can become a lead generator, traffic builder, and sales multiplier to help build your business. And, it can happen as fast as only a couple of hours of your time!

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of our next “Product” Jam and we look forward to seeing you on our next webinar!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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BOOK JAM Webinar Featuring Judith Briles

Book Jam Webinar featuring Judith Briles Book Publishing Expert
You’ve probably known for years that writing a book is one of the fastest ways to elevate your status as the recognized expert in your field. But who has the time?

Join us this Thursday morning, April 16 (11am Eastern, 10am Central, 9am Mountain, 8am Pacific) as our CloudNet360 webinar series continues.

As always, the webinar will be just 30 minutes JAM-packed with content you can start using right after the call. Allow 15 minutes additional for questions.

We will feature special guest, and CloudNet360 customer and book publishing expert, Judith Briles, to show us exactly how she produced an eBook from start to finish in under 2 hours.

And, she didn’t even write the content for the book!

Best of all, she didn’t pay a penny for the book’s production.

Judith is the author of 33 published books with more than 1 million books sold to-date. She is one of the foremost authorities in the U.S. on the topics of book publishing and book marketing.

Judith is also the founder and president of a rapidly growing writer’s association in Colorado called AuthorU with nearly 700 members worldwide.

Join us this Thursday morning when we dive deep with Judith about how important book writing is for business owners, speakers, and coaches. And, you’ll see this HOT new method for producing book content fast, free and with little effort on your part.

We will reserve 15 minutes at the end for Q&A so bring your book writing, publishing and marketing questions to the call!

This is a no-cost public event hosted by CloudNet360 (Premium Web Cart). You are not required to be a customer to attend, so feel free to share this message with those you know who might benefit.

Click Here to Claim Your Spot >>

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing login details about joining the webinar.

We hope to see you there!

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Virtual Assistant Program

Virtual Assistant program at CloudNet360.comWhen it comes to managing customers, leads, and web marketing overall, some business owners prefer to do all the work themselves while others pay employees. In between is a broad grey area that involves paying for help on the outside. These 3rd party helpers are often called Virtual Assistants (or VAs).

What’s better than finding, recruiting and paying a virtual assistant to manage your CloudNet360 account? The answer is simple: NOT having to worry about finding and recruiting (and training) a virtual assistant to learn your CloudNet360 setup and how the system works!

Benefits of the CloudNet360 Virtual Assistant Program

There are many benefits to our virtual assistant program options, including:

  • Consistency – Work with the same contact every time you call, email or Skype chat so you really get to know the person working for you and that person really gets to know your business.
  • Save Time – Since you don’t have to train the person every time you need something, tasks get accomplished much faster.
  • Unmatched Quality – Since our VA staff works in our office in Chicago, they are hired, trained and monitored by senior management of the company.
  • Save Money – No health benefits for you to pay. No paid vacations.
  • Peace of Mind – Spend more time on building your business knowing your system is in good hands.

What Services Can a CloudNet360 Virtual Assistant Pro Help You With?

Your CloudNet360 VA is your main day-to-day contact, implementer and support tech. Beyond that one person is the full staff of implementation, support, marketing, and even programming. Our combined skills are a bit much to add to a single page, but can be summarized in this list:

  • Storefront and Website creation and maintenance
  • Opt-in Forms
  • Upsell Pages
  • Custom Order Pages
  • Sales Paths
  • Surveys
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Recurring Billing Profiles
  • Gateway Integration and Merchant Account Troubleshooting
  • Membership Site
  • Affiliate Management
  • Scheduling Setup
  • Records Importing/Exporting
  • Squeeze page creation
  • Custom email templates
  • Project Management
  • Auto-Responders

Our CloudNet360 Virtual Assistant Programs Defined

Here are the three levels of virtual assistants to help you manage your CloudNet360 program. We call them CVA programs, which stands for CloudNet360 Virtual Assistants. Here are the three levels described below:

CVA-1: $750/Month

This entry level is a great way for business owners with a need for a few hours a week worth of help. We base this number on an average of 4-6 hours per week or 20 hours per month, adjusted quarterly.

CVA-2: $1250/Month

The CVA-2 level is considered moderate use where the CVA’s time spent on your account averages ten (8-12) hours per week or 40 hours per month, adjusted quarterly.

CVA-3: $2,000/Month

The CVA-3 level is available for established users who are actively sending email broadcasts, adding new products, and need help with routine posting of content such as a few blog posts per week and even interaction with customers to process product sale returns or increases in membership level. The CVA-3 is based on 18-22 hours per week or 80 hours per month, adjusted quarterly.

Choose from any of the three levels and upgrade as needed. We require a one-year signed commitment for you to engage with any of our virtual assistants.

Contact us at 888-388-1815 for details and next steps.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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Announcing: CloudNet360 Channel Partner Certification Program

CloudNet360 Channel Partner Certification Program
If you are a provider of web services, you can become a certified channel partner for CloudNet360. In fact, you can become a Silver level channel partner…instantly! And, it’s even free!

Sure, our Gold and Platinum level certifications are a bit more involved but get started now and within just a few months you could be representing yourself as a Certified Platinum Partner!

Benefits of Becoming a Channel Partner Include

  • Residual Income – Get commissions for as long as your referred clients are paying subscribers to the CloudNet360 system.
  • Services Income – Charge clients for planning, consulting, implementation, support, and training for use of the CloudNet360 system. We get no kickbacks or commission from services you offer.
  • Crossover Income – Build your own non-CloudNet360 services into your project quote.
  • Channel Partner Support – We will help you through lead gen, sales, and technical support during your implementation work. Or, pass off implementation and support to our internal client services team. We can be as involved or as uninvolved as you’d like us to be.
  • Advanced Training – We will teach you everything we know about using every aspect of the system to help you work with your clients to manage their business.
  • No Barrier to Entry – Most web-based CRM/Shopping Cart systems charge $2,000 or more per year and require you attend live, on-site training to maintain your certification. You can start
    selling and implementing our system TODAY without handing us a dime.

CloudNet360 Channel Partner Trailer Video

CloudNet360 Channel Partner Registration Process

We would like to provide you with our Getting Started document which covers things like commission rates on referred sales, more details about our certification level options, and most importantly the steps to take to get started!

Some of our current channel partners would like for these details to remain not-so-visible to the world. So, that’s why we’re asking you to opt-in below.

Email is also our primary way of distributing important content to our channel partners, such as sales training webinar dates and times, releases of new product features and special promotions. So, we might as well get you into the system now, even if you haven’t completely decided to join our Channel Partner team yet.

You are welcome to call our Channel Partner Program Director, Marty Dickinson, with any questions you have about the CloudNet360 Channel Partner Program at 720-535-9285.

Test Drive CloudNet360 Today

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