CloudNet360 vs. 1Shoppingcart


CloudNet360 vs. 1Shoppingcart is a comparison many internet marketing entrepreneurs make and one that 1Shoppingcart hopes to avoid. Because when it comes to a head to head comparison, 1Shoppingcart falls short when you look at the what they offer and what you'll actually need to successfully run your business.


As a business person, you already know that attacking a business problem with a piecemeal solution is rarely the correct solution. That's why CloudNet360 places all the software tools you need under 1 easy to use and all encompassing umbrella. The 1Shoppingcart approach leaves you no choice but to pay, connect, and manage dozens of 3rd party applications to simply match the same powerful features already included in CloudNet360.


But this is really the tip of the iceberg because CloudNet360 does what 1Shoppingcart will likely never do and no other shopping cart system does; CloudNet360 is the only system that lets you easily replicate itself so you can operate an unlimited number of website businesses with all the power tools included, and have them all operate in a website specific fashion


The truth is, we’ve always had you in mind when we developed our power online CRM and shopping cart solution because we’ve been where you are today, selling into multiple business niches with multiple different brands, and know how frustrating it is to use other systems that charge for every brand you need to sell.


Long ago, when we started out as Premium Web Cart, this was abasic tenet of making a better system so you could run everything you sold under one account, with unlimited unique brands and all for one low monthly investment.


But talk is cheap and that’s why this video is so great to be able to show you because not only does it demonstrate the way this work, but it shows you how embedded this has always been in our business DNA. Watch this video and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about - Watch this short video now.


CloudNet360 vs. 1Shoppingcart - Major Differences


eCommerce Features:

CloudNet360 - CloudNet360 - Everything needed under 1 umbrella with no installation and seamlessly integrated with each other. The only true all-in-one CRM sales, marketing and business automation system.
1Shoppingcart - Connects to 3rd party systems that need to be purchased separately with limited integration. 


CloudNet360 - The world’s only one time offer (OTO) system with pre-upsell, post upsell and pre+post upsell capacities along with multiple other upsell options built right in and available with a click of a button.
1Shoppingcart - Post upsell only and only when you pay an upsell fee to 1Shoppingcart to use the full system. At least they practice what they preach and upsell you on everything you need to use in order to upsell your customers.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sales Automation:

CloudNet360 - Full featured and state of the art sales paths and tagging segmentation.
1Shoppingcart - No CRM and no known plans to provide one. 

Action Survey System:

CloudNet360 - The only survey system of it’s king that automatically trigger sales automation based upon how a respondent answers the survey in total, how they answer individual questions or both.
1Shoppingcart - Not available.  

System Replication:
CloudNet360 - The only system to offer this amazing ability.

1Shoppingcart - Not available today and no plans for the future.

Customer Support:

CloudNet360 - e-Business Advisor included for all customers.
1Shoppingcart - $379 per year for first level phone support.

User Interface:

CloudNet360 - Easy to use and intuitive interface making "powerful simple".
1Shoppingcart - Utilitarian and functional. 


The list of things that 1shoppingcart does not provide that comes standard with CloudNet360 is so long it’s hardly worth comparing CloudNet360 as a 1Shoppingcart alternative because 1Shoppingcart is simply so far behind.


Without a built in membership system, scheduling system, CRM, Live chat, click to call, ticket system, suggest a feature system or the benefit of an included e-Business Advisor to tie it all together for you... can Cloudnet360 even be considered as a 1shoppingcart alternative?


Or should CloudNet360 really only be viewed as a 1Shoppingcart upgrade for the serious marketer that simply wants to Sell More... Faster?

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