Advanced Tracking
Easily discover what's working and what's draining the advertising budget without a positive return on investment (ROI).
Track All Your Traffic
Know where your visitors are coming from
3rd Party Integrations
Use our tracking, your tracking, or a combination of our tracking plus another program to ensure you're getting the full picture for your business.
Adding Google Analytics is as easy as pasting your ID into a form field. For all others, we provide you with equally easy copy and paste tracking & order form integration.
Abandoned Cart Recovery Tagging
Beyond the built in automation, you may want to follow up with a manually created email or text broadcast, snail mail, sales call, etc.
Affiliate Sub-ID Tracking
Track each program down to the actual affiliate link used. Affiliates can freely create as many affiliate sub-ID links as desired.
Offline Marketing Coupons
Rewarding your affiliates for offline referrals is the surest way to get them to market offline for you. Step ahead of the crowd and get the best affiliates to sell for you while the others are left gasping for solutions.
Link Cloaking / Forwarding
Disguise your affiliate links and prevent "link hijacking" or simply shorten the links to avoid email link breakage.
1 Click Link Creation
Easily create and track hundreds of keywords for your PPC campaigns. No more tedious and manual building of links by hand.
Advanced Split Testing
Speed your split-testing by comparing the sales power of up to 5 different versions of your website. Most competitors only offer a simple A/B split test, which means that you're only testing two pages at a time.
Split Test Management
Place any campaign on "pause" while traffic is routed to another page. Once you resume the test your traffic is automatically rerouted again. No need to set up a unique campaign and redo all your tracking links again as some competitors require!
Graphical Reports
Determine at one glance your most profitable traffic sources so you know right away where to invest more of your advertising budget.
No Scripts To Install
Everything is done for you, just copy and paste the code we provide for you.
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