Affiliate System
Watch your sales grow exponentially when you tap into the power of a hungry affiliate sales force. With the only "offline" affiliate marketing system of its type, you'll leverage far more sales, through far more sales channels than all your competitors combined! Watch this short video for more – Watch Video
Multi-Website Compatible
If you're running more than 1 website, or simply want to have multiple offers going to the same website at the same time, then you'll certainly benefit from being able to create an unlimited number of affiliate programs.
Private Programs
Some things are just too good too share with everyone. Special programs for special affiliates... by invitation only.
Super Affiliates
Worth more than the next 200 affiliates combined and worth treating special. Now you can pay product based incentive bonuses, display special reporting and keep these special affiliates securely in your camp - all automated of course!
Offline Marketing / Affiliate Coupons
Boost your affiliate sales by giving your affiliates a powerful method of promoting your products offline in addition to online.
Affiliate coupons are also effective at "closing the deal" for online sales.
2-Tier System
Reward your affiliates for direct sales and for bringing other affiliates into your sales funnel.
Selectable Affiliate Credit
"First Click" wins, "Last Click" wins, or choose our industry exclusive option of "First Click & Last Click" wins if you want to pay both the original traffic generator and the ultimate sales closer.
Progressive Commissions
Sell more, earn more. Incent your affiliates with sales objectives and watch them fall over themselves to move up to the next payment level.
Easy Pay
Pay affiliates with PayPal or via check with nothing more required than the "click, click, click" of check boxes and watch as everything is done for you.
Mass Pay
Set it, pay it, forget it. Works equally well for PayPal and those check payments.
Refund / Chargeback Adjustments
A simple click of the refund button on the order will refund the customer's money automatically and adjust the affiliate commissions without being bothered with multiple steps.
Chargeback functionality will adjust the affiliate commissions without issuing a refund (they already have their money so you certainly do not want to send more).
W9 Management
Keep the IRS at bay with automated W9 management built in. Affiliates are free to sign up and sell your products but once you owe them money, the W9 automation kicks in and covers you through every step - 100% "hands off" intelligence.
VAT Registered Affiliates
Manage VAT Registered affiliates with built in automation.
Program Customization
Manage your commission levels at the program level, product level and even within the product level for the recurring billing. Pay different rates for recurring than you do for the initial product payment.
Full Branding
Customize the look and feel of the affiliate portal each of your affiliates will receive.
Video Messages
Easily add a YouTube video inside your affiliate's admin panel for unbeatable communication.
Graphs / Reports / Payment History
Show your affiliates how much they were paid, what is still owed or how they're performing. All at their fingertips in common sense, easy to read graphs and reports.
Admin Performance Reports
Quickly spot your top 5 affiliates with complete trend analysis so you can apply the 80/20 rule to keeping your most productive affiliates on your team.
Sales, leads, clicks ...complete analysis of everything all of your affiliates are doing to boost your sales.
Sub-ID Tracking
Track each program down to the actual link used. Freely create as many sub-ID links as desired.
Manual Sales Credit
Our cookie, IP tracking, and affiliate coupons assign sales credit as accurately as humanly possible, but in the real world there will always be the need to account for phone sales, manual orders, "snail mail" orders and about a 100 other things nobody thinks of until it happens. Easily assign 1st tier and / or 2nd tier sales credit with the click of a button.
Link Cloaking
Shrink it, cloak it, personalize it ...this handy tool is built in and 1 click away for all your affiliates.
Multimedia Support
HTML, simple text, images, flash ads... all supported with auto affiliate link generation.
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