Customer Portal
More than just a place to park customer purchase information, it's a "1-click" up selling machine, buyers club, scheduling portal, file sharing, and more... all rolled into one convenient package.
4-Tier Pricing
Display unique pricing automatically based upon the customer registration level i.e. Retail, Registered, Wholesale, Distributor.
Automatic Registration
Product purchase information automatically creates a new customer account.
Dual Option Checkout
Customers can easily choose to login to their account, create a new account, or continue their purchase as a "guest" without encumbrances.
Past Purchases History
Previous orders are recorded, stored, and viewable.
"1 Click" Reorder
Boost sales by making it drop dead simple for your customers to reorder products from their account. No forms to complete, no credit cards to enter... click, confirm, completed.
Imagine how many more repeat orders you'll receive when it's that fast and easy!
Special Portal Products
Promote special products only within your customer portal. Give your captive audience a reason to buy and they'll jump at the offer.
Credit Card Update
Self managed by your customer's means less customer support for you.
Multiple Credit Cards
Put the "billing" back in recurring billing by having multiple credit cards to bill if the primary card fails. Stop losing customers and revenue because of credit card billing failures.
This is a major revenue booster and a feature that no recurring billing system should be without.
Recurring Billing: View Only
Provides visibility into the past recurring billing and the future billing profile but does not allow the customer to cancel the subscription from their account.
Recurring Billing: Cancelation
Choose to allow your customers to view and cancel their subscription. Always configurable, always your option, and always available on a product-by-product basis.
Digital Downloads
Decide whether you want to provide a Digital Download option from the Customer Portal as a backup for customers that lose their original version. You'll be able to limit the number of downloads to the level of your choosing to prevent "sharing".
Customize your portal to look the way you choose using either the Easy Editor options (non-techie point and click) or the Advanced CSS customization options.
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