Fulfillment Automation
Selling is hard enough without having to worry about a bad-shipping process. We've taken all the worry out of shipping through 3rd party fulfilment centres, your own in-house centre or any combination thereof. 100% pure system automation.
Multi-Company Simultaneous Support
Need to have multiple fulfillment companies ship different products? Or maybe you'll ship some products while using others to ship different products. In either case, you're covered and it's all 100% automated. Never worry about sorting through orders again.
2-Way Closed Loop Communication
While other systems provide only 1 way communication, you'll receive a shipment response from the fulfillment company, along with the tracking ID number, so you're always aware of what's been shipped.
Customer Email Notification
Your customers are automatically emailed the shipment information, along with the tracking numbers for real time updates.
Bundles and Product Kits
The CloudNet360 fulfillment system will get it right every time.
Recurring Shipments
Do you have an auto-ship plan? The system will even tell your fulfillment company which cycle the customer is on to ensure they receive the correct product at the correct time.
RMA Management
After you issue an RMA, the system will wait for the fulfillment company to receive the product and input the receipt notification, so you know if/when to refund their money.
No Installation / Integration Scripts
Using the fulfillment system is literally as simple as deciding which products you desire to have shipped and then "checking a box" during product set up.
Shipping Compatibility
Works with all shipping carriers and all pricing models eq. real time pricing, flat rate, per item, etc.
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