Live Chat
Proven lead generation, built-in and integrated with your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) for maximum power and efficiency.
CRM Integration
View the full record of existing records in your CRM or add the person to your CRM for future follow up.
Unlimited Websites
Add live chat to as many websites as you choose yet still manage them all from 1 login and 1 screen. An exclusive CloudNet360 tradition!
Unlimited Simultaneous Chats
Never worry about turning away a qualified customer. Chat with all comers at once ...we make it easy to handle multiple separate conversations and keep it all straight.
No Software Installation
Choose your chat icon, copy the short link we provide to you into your website and you're ready to go. It can't get any easier than that!
Welcome Chat Automation
Not at your desk? No worries, let the welcome chat take over and send predefined messages to keep your visitor "on the hook" while the audio alert signals that someone is on your site. This can buy you just enough time to get back to your computer and turn a lead into a customer.
Push Chat
Instead of waiting for your visitor to make the 1st move, automatically push a chat request out to them to start the engagement. You decide how long a person.
Canned Answers
Avoid typing the same thing over and over by using canned answers. 1 Click and the entire sentence is written for you.
Text Short Cuts
LOL, TTYL, BFF, etc. Abbreviations move from chatting to a useful productivity tool. You type the abbreviation but our chat system displays the full word or phrase.
Email Transcript
Need to email the chat transcript? It's a simple click away.
Offline Email
Display a custom offline message and allow your visitor to send you an email through an online form.
Office Hour Management
Display your standard office hours and the local time zone so your visitors know why you're offline and when to expect your return.
Universal Access
Browser based administration makes your system accessible from any computer and any operating system.
Multiple Chat Icons
Choose the look that best fits your website look and feel.
Customize your chat window to reflect your website and your brand.
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