Mobile Apps
Your entire business from the palm of your hand and the tips of your fingers. Now you can leave the office without leaving your business behind.
Global Reach
Run your business from anywhere on the globe and from the palm of your hand.
Order Notifications
Receive live order notifications the second a new customer joins your ranks.
Sales Reports
Graphical reports tell the story of daily sales, sales comparisons, plus more.
Manage Products
Need to change a price on the fly, edit a description, or change the sales tax rate? Or maybe add a product for a special last minute promotion. Consider it done.
CRM Entries
Easily add people to your customer / lead database. Specify the Funnels and Sales Paths and let the automation begin.
Record Tagging
Tag records for future list segmentation purposes i.e. such as sending a broadcast to all the people you met at a particular event.
CRM Tasks
Tasks are logically displayed for effective sales follow up and other actions, assigned to you through the automated Sales Paths as well as by others in your organization.
CRM Calendar
View your day, your week or your month and know exactly what you have coming up.
Approving Project Manager Tasks
Not all tasks will require your approval but we found over the years that there's a wide chasm between what some people consider "done" and what you will consider "done".
Adding Project Manager Tasks
Inspiration happens more often outside the office than in the office. But how many times have you had a "killer idea" while taking a shower, or walking the dog, only to have it slip your mind by the time you sit down in the office?
Notification of Project Manager Tasks
Keep your team, or contractors, on the right path and moving forward faster when you can keep your "task list" up to date. Answer their questions, complete your sections, clear the confusion and generally just keep everything on track.
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