Project Manager
Running your business couldn't get any easier or better organized. Best of all, this Project Manager "plays well" with all your other automation tools.
Mobile Integration
Run your business and stay up to date with real time interaction from anyplace on the planet. Assign, update, notify and add tasks all from the palm of your hand.
Google / Yahoo / Hotmail / iCal / Outlook Calendar Integration
Real time updates to your other calendars.
Graphical Task Status Bar
Manage tasks with "point and click" simplicity on your custom status bar.
Task Dashboard
View the latest progress and updates of 1 project or all projects from a single easy to read dashboard
Task Management
Automatic date tracking records every step forward to completion. Decide which tasks need Admin approval to close as completed or require all / none need to be approved before considered "complete".
Priority Management
Tasks automatically sorted and assigned according to due date and priority. Highlight what's "hot" and what's "not".
Task Scheduling
Set start dates and due dates with automatic reminders.
Automated Reminder System
Automatic notifications to keep you on schedule and remind you when you slip off schedule.
Sprint Schedules
Easily create "mini-projects" within a project to quickly define the hot tasks due in a given time period.
Project Templates
Reuse your favorite project layout again and again.
Mass Template Update
Need to add a new task to a template and then across all the open projects using this template? Click... click...done.
Cross Project Communication
Add tasks to multiple projects with the click of the mouse.
Version Control
Always know your working on the latest document version and avoid duplicate work and group confusion.
Mass email keeps your entire team in the loop while keeping all essential information tied to the project.
Lock Box
Sure you make tasks, messages and files private, but sometimes you need a dedicated "Lock Box" to protect sensitive data and files.
Recurring Projects w/ Recurring Billing
Perfect for the service provider with monthly tasks that need to be completed for customers over and over for each given time period.
Customer Pages
A unique way to keep your customers "in the loop" on their projects without having them watching the full process of "making the sausage". This dedicated area provides admin selected visibility to task progress, messages, special videos, plus the ability for the customer to upload new files to the project.
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