Suggest A Feature
Go from "good to great" without the cost of and hassles of trying to guess what your customers really want from your product. Give them an easy and automated way to tell you what they truly desire and you'll be able to keep your product or service at the front of the pack. Of course, the reality of time and money budgets dictates that you prioritize these suggestions to ensure you are achieving the best "bang for your buck".
Voting Priority System
Simple "suggestion boxes" can get flooded with ideas so you need an automated method to push the best, most desired, ideas to the top. Suggest a Feature forces your customers to determine what's most important to them by limiting their "suggestion voting currency.
Idea Grouping
Organize ideas for specific areas of your product. For example, keep all ideas for a specific product model grouped together to form a cohesive picture for that 1 product or even a specific section of a product.
Idea Status Meter
Graphically communicate the status of each idea.
Status Awards
Reward your active product developers with increased status and prestige.
Admin & Sub-Admin Control
Moderate the discussion and keep the ideas flowing.
Unlimited Sites
As with all our systems, you can use it on all your websites and brand each one to fit each particular business of yours.
Easy Management
1 click updates make changing the current status a breeze. Easily move from one website module to another with a simple click of a tab.
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