Ticket System
Working smarter will keep you from having to work harder while raising the customer satisfaction of your customers. True auto-pilot support automation.
Unlimited Websites
Running 3, 5 or even 50 websites? Create as many dedicated applications as you need, all containing website specific data, yet manage all your businesses from 1 login.
CRM Integration
View the full CRM record of any person submitting a support ticket with a single click of an icon.
Project Manager Integration
A single click of the Project Manager icon turns the content of any ticket into a Project Manager task. A special status icon is then added to the ticket, and a clickable ticket ID to the Project Manager task, to maintain real time communication amongst your entire team.
Customer Specific Instant Answers
A dedicated database for customer specific information allows you to tailor the information to your audience for the most effective results.
Sales Specific Instant Answers
Sales specific Instant Answers help you close more sales with information targeted to this critical audience.
Knowledgebase Import
Repurposing content is a great way to create "new" products. Easily create a new website specific / branded ticket system with the push of a button. Import everything or just the desired sections.
Canned Answers
Improved efficiency with canned answers that are easily customized for every department.
Priority Rating
Manage tickets based on priority.
Ticket Aging
Manage tickets by age and identify overdue replies.
Screen Shot Communication
Send and receive screen shot images along with your written support tickets. The old saying, "a picture is worth a 1,000 words" could not be truer than when it comes to helping a customer understand your product.
Email Parsing
Replying to the support ticket via email automatically injects the new information into the ticket thread.
Graphical Reports
Identify your largest support problems, or most frequent requests for information, to focus your efforts to fix the items creating the greatest confusion.
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